Wodify App not working: Client, Athlete, Server Status, and Support

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Is Wodify App not working? and you are having issues like pages not loading, crashing, not opening, and white pages while using it’s client or Athlete app? This guide addresses various issues related to this mobile app and how you can fix each one of them.

Wodify App not working

Wodify app not working

Wodify is a Gym management system.

It allows Gym owners to manage various aspects of their business in one place.

A business that is using wodify can access Wodify online by heading over to – app.wodify.com.

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They also offer iOS and Android mobile applications to manage your fitness center right from your mobile app.

And here we are going to talk about that one.

Here is the list of features that the Wodify mobile app offers you-

  • Schedule your classes, view, reserve, and sign the upcoming classes.
  • You can keep track of your class workout right from your mobile phone anywhere.
  • It has attendance tracking. You can see all of your past classes in one place.
  • You can sync this app’s events, classes, and appointments with your personal calendar. As of now, it supports Apple and Google calendars.

However, some users have some issues while using this app.

If Wodify App not working for you. If you are facing crashing, not opening, not loading,

How to Fix Wodify Client or Athlete app not working error

The Wodify Client application is there for clients who have Wodify-enabled businesses.

Using the Client app you can Schedule classes, perform performance tracking, track attendance, book appointment, and sync appointment & classes to your calendar.

For Computers, you have Wodify core which is much better, and all one management software for you.

However, here we are talking about the Woodify client app which simply goes by Wodify on the iOS app store and Android’s Google play store.

Before proceeding one thing that you have to know is that this is not a full-featured mobile app that doesn’t offer all the features as its PC counterpart.

So if you are using the mobile app in the hope for it offers all the features available in client software it is better to not install it.

You can see it as a companion app that allows access from anywhere.

Steps to fix Wodify not working issue-

  1. Check for Wodify status. Confirm that there is no server issue going on right now.
  2. You can check if the Wodify server is down on – Status.wodify.Com or @wodifystatus on Twitter.
  3. Make sure that the latest version of the app is installed on your device.
  4. Check that problem is not with your internet connection.
  5. Try clearing the app cache and data. For iOS try reinstalling the app and rebooting your phone.

If nothing works you can contact customer support for more information.

How do I check the Wodfiy server status?

Wodify has a dedicated webpage, which allows you to check server status online.

For example, if there is any server issue going on right now you can check on that page.

You can also confirm and check which services are currently operational.

On that page, you can also see the update when they fix the problem.

Here is how you can check the Wodify server status-

  • First head over to the status page – https://status.wodify.com.
  • You will see two options there – Wodify Core and Wodify Arena, Rise & Live.
  • Choose whichever application you currently having trouble with.
  • Confirm that servers are operational.

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Wodify customer support

Customers, Clients, Athletes, and Gym admins can contact Wodify support.

You can contact support by scheduling a call, Email support, or via live chat support.

All the options are available in the application dashboard.

You can also access these contact options from the official help page – https://help.wodify.com/hc/en-us.

Arena, Core Pulse/Perform, Rise & Live by submitting a support ticket at – https://www.wodify.com/support.

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