Weight Watchers App Not Working: Login, Activity Tracker, & Help

Is Weight Watchers App is Not Working on your iPhone, Android, or Apple Smart Watch? Don’t worry here in this We are going to discuss how to Fix Login, Loading, Server down, Scale, Activity tracker, and other issues.

What is Weight Watchers App?

Weight Watchers App Not Working

You can’t lose weight easily.

It’s a feat that you can accomplice via hard work, a strict diet, and by making healthy lifestyle choices.

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Even after you lose weight and achieve your target you need to be on constant vigilance.

You don’t want to be in the obese category again, especially after doing lots of hard work.

So in short, you can’t achieve your ideal figure just by one single element, and there are multiple elements that contribute to weight loss.

There are many training programs available offline in your nearest Gym.

But in times like this, when we all need to follow social distancing, it is hard to do, plus you need an expensive gym membership to participate in those programs.

However, the WW app itself is not free and requires a premium membership to use all of the services that this app has to offer.

But what it does better is that this Gamify the whole process into a simple rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Using WW you can not only incorporate healthier lifestyle choices for your diet but you can also Track not only your progress but your activities and provide you better headspace with the help of the Meditation feature.

Weight Watchers App Not Working on iPhone & Android

Weight Watcher App is available for your Android, iOS, and Smartwatches for Both Android and Apple Watches.

This App works as a fitness tracker so it makes sense to have it on your SmartWatch to track your health.

However, Sometimes, for some devices due to some issue, bug or server error it may be stopped working on your device.

Steps to Fix Weight watchers not working issue

In most of those cases, while the issue can be fixed by your shelf you can follow this troubleshooting guide-

  1. First Make sure that your device is compatible with the latest version. For now, WW Needed iOS 12.0 or later for iOS devices such as iPhones, iPad, or iPod touch. If you are an Android user you need at least Android 5.0 to make it works.
  2. If it’s a Simply loading issue then you can try waiting for some time. Most of the time this kind of issue will be gone on its own.
  3. Clear the Cache and history from the Application setting if you are sure that the problem is only on your device.
  4. Now Reboot your phone and login to the App again.
  5. Check whether WW is Down today or not, You can confirm it by contacting the official Twitter page.

If none of these steps works for you, you can try contacting customer care and they will provide you with Answers.

Solve Scale & Activity Tracker not Working

This mobile Application track and scale your activity and update on the cloud, so you can access the reward points for your physical activity.

Combining your physical activities like workouts with a better diet you will be able to use weight much faster.

This Application already has the Sync feature which automatically syncs all of your activity using an activity tracker to all of the platforms.

For example if you use Apple Watch, you will be able to see your activities on your iPhone App.

However, the Scale or activity tracker will not sync itself to activate sync you have to enable it from the setting first.

Here is how to enable activity tracker syncing-

Enable for Apple Smart Watch

  • First Open the WW App in your Apple Watch. Install this if it is not already installed.
  • Open the App, there you will see a profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Now Tap on the gear icon there and Choose the activity setting.
  • In Apple Health choose Connect to Apple health and turn all categories on.

The Automatic syncing is now on.

Enable for Other Fitness Trackers

If you are using any other fitness tracker Like Google Fit, Withings, Misfit, Garmin, MapMyRun, Daily Burn then you can follow the steps below-

  1. First Open the Weight Watchers Reimagined App.
  2. Choose Activity Page and Scroll down to the bottom of that page.
  3. Now Click on Connect Your Device or App.
  4. Choose Device and select your device from the menu to which you want to sync.

Fixing “Can’t log in” to WW App

You can Either Contact to customer support number, Write an Email, or Contact WW Coach via the Live feature from the official website.

If you use Google Plus, Facebook or any other Social media account for authentication then you may face this Error.

However, you can fix this Weight Watchers App not working issue easily by resetting passwords and using an email Account to log in.

If you can’t log in due to any other issue here is how to fix login issues-

  1. If you are using an App on your Mobile Device, long tap on WW App Icon, and in Setting clear out caches and history.
  2. Reboot your phone and try to log in again.
  3. If you are having issues with Browser, then visit settings, Browsing history, and clear out browsing history and cookies.

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If this does not work, it is most likely a Password or the Wrong username. In this case, you simply have to reset your password, and once it has been reset you are ready to go.

Weight Watchers App Help & Support

Regardless of your Country United Kingdom (UK), Australia, United States (US), You can contact Customer support.

They will not only help you regarding your Account but you can also ask any questions about the program itself and more.

Here is the contact information-

  • WW Customer Service Email – customerservice@weightwatchers.com
  • Official Live Chat Website – https://www.weightwatchers.com/
  • US Customer Care Number- (800) 651-6000
  • Australia Customer Care Number – 131 997

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