What is Blue whale Game : Download, Information & Parental guide

As per my information Blue Whale is the world’s largest fish which lives in sea under the water. But i doubt that you are here to Gain information about just a Fish. Probably you hear about the Blue whale game which will makes its player to desperate enough and finally in the last task they will Suicide to complete the game. Well after making a Research i reach at conclusion that this is not a Game which is available to download on Any website including Google play store, App store. Even not for for any Computer, laptop, windows or Mac. So here i’ll describe why you can’t Download blue whale dare app and why you should stay away from this kind of games at any Cost.

Want to Download blue whale dare app? If yes then strongly suggest that you should really stay from this kind of dangerous Suicide game. If someone encourage you to play this Game and contact you to complete the 50 deadly challenges of this game; then you can lodge fir Against him in nearest police station.

If you just wants to get Information about it and not wants to Download blue whale dare app also wants to know how to secure your kid from Blue whale dare Game then you can continue reading this post.

This Videos Explains it very well.


One thing that you have to Remember that Blue whale is not a Game, Nor it an App. Its not available to download in any farm. Its series of 50 blue whale dare challenges which player have to complete. Each task of this challenge is much more then creepy then we think. For example the person who gives you this challenge will ask you Awake at 4 am for watching Scary movies. You can’t listen any normal song during this time period, They will also send you the song which you have to listen.

In simple terms this Challenge will completely brainwashed the player and push him toward death. This game already killed many Teenagers and youngsters.

Its doesn’t matter how strong you are or you want to play it just for fun this game will surely makes you more desperate and Take everything away from you. Once someone enters in this game then it will become Addiction and they can’t break this addiction easily.

However you can’t Download blue whale dare app on Your mobile phone but still there is lot’s of Android app By same name (Which is poorly designed but not Dangerous in any term) will helps you to see the Original Blue whale pictures ( I mean the large Fish who leaves in Sea).

In past few days i see lots of People leaves comments on Several news sites, Social media and asking for Link. we as a whole more likely than not strike a chord that once we play it. Since we are rationally so solid that we will receive in return. Blue whale incites this wonder. After this the layer rate layer builds up the prospect of hurting yourself inside you. At last you stall out inside it.

How to Keep your Kid stay away From Blue whale game

  1. Talk to them, Track their daily activities. If they Awake very early and Watching scary/Creepy things then this is the sign.
  2. Install Spy human app in their mobile phone here is the link.
  3. Spyhuman perfect monitoring any spy app that Collect SMS, Social Media info, GPS Tracker, Ambience Voice, Whatsapp Messages Many More and send it to you. So you can Secure your kids remotely and securely.
  4. It will be automatically hided from your kids mobile phone, Once the setup was done.

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All through the diversion, the player are mentally controlled into sadness and dejection by compel estrangement which will slip them into self-destructive musings through the time traverse of fifty days. This is no diversion, no test however a tired system of insane people for their delight. Anybody playing this are deceived by “challenge” and wound up obliterating their association with others to the point of tolerating suicide recommendations. This is not an amusement, this is conspicuous mental control for wiped out entertainment.

End of story, you will kick the bucket playing this contorted test. More than 50 days they gradually give you the possibility of suicide, driving you into misery with mental traps. Try not to be a numbskull, don’t make an alternate record, simply stay safe.

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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