Taco Bell App not working? – How to fix Payment & Other Issues

Taco Bell one of the most popular American fast-food restaurant chains has its own official mobile application. However, for some users, the Taco Bell app not working as it supposed to be.

If you are having issues while ordering tacos online, are unable to process payment, or the app straight-up app crashes & not load.

If this happens to you too, This step-by-step troubleshooting guide is for you.

Taco Bell App not working 2024

Taco Bell app is the official mobile application of your favorite food chain.

This Online food delivery app allows you to order and pay ahead for delivery or if you want pickup from the store.

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All of the food that is available at Taco Bell restaurants are available in this app as well.

This app makes it easier to check and customize the menu for yourself, so you don’t have to look through it every time when you order food.

Similar to the Dunkin Donuts app, the Wawa app, or the Starbucks app; if you wish to order ahead for pickup you can do that as well.

Along with that facility you can use to order online for being delivered right to your location.

It has a tracking feature that makes it easier for you to track delivery for your online order.

Furthermore, if you use the app instead of you know ordering by traditional means, you will earn points on every qualifying order.

These reward points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards or special offers from the app’s itself.

How to fix the Taco Bell app not working

Here is the troubleshooting guide that helps you fix Taco bell app not working issues-

Try Force Closing & Rebooting

Force close Taco mobile app and all its instances. It will clear out temporarily cache.

Reboot your phone and try using the app again.

Check for Internet & Location access

Sometimes issues might be related to your Internet connection.

Check for your connection speed and ensure this is not the case.

Also, this app requires location access and other permissions to work properly.

Turn on the Location/GPS if it isn’t turned on already.

Clear cache/data or re-install

All of the Android apps have the option to delete the app cache and data.

This basically reset the app to a fresh setup. On the Home page just tap & hold the taco bell app icon and choose app info.

Under storage usage, you will see an option for Clear data and Clear cache.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Check if the Taco bell server is down

Errors usually not happened appear overnight in an app unless there it introduced by a new update or there is a server-side issue going on.

When the Taco Bell server is down, the app will simply not work properly.

Contact app support

If nothing works, All you can do is contact customer support. Take a screenshot of the page where you get the error and send this to the support team.

You will find app support contact information in the end of this post.

Why is my Taco Bell app not working?

There are some errors like slowness and bugginess of the mobile application which can’t be fixed by users.

For example, if the problem exists due to buggy code or design flow of the mobile application, no matter what you (A user) will try, you can’t fix these problem.

Other than bugs, server outage are also common culprits.

You can fix other kinds of errors which happend due to some known reasons like low storage, network issues or corrupted app caches.

So that’s why here we have focus on the problems that we can fix.

Payment in the Taco Bell app not working

Payment using this app is easier compared to paying offline at the store.

Especially when you also order using this app and just have to visit the store for picking up your order.

This app offers a wide range of supported payment options – including your Debit cards, Debit cards, Online banking, Gift cards, eGift cards, and Digital wallets like Apple pay and Google pay.

If for some reason, you are unable to pay via one payment method, you can always try another one.

If the Payment method i.e. Debit card is not working, this indicates that there might be an issue with your Debit card.

Or that card is not accepted.

Check for the error, that you will get when payment is failed.

For some Taco Bell payments not working and money is deducted you have to contact customer service ASAP!

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How to Contact Taco Bell app customer service?

Whether you are not satisfied with the food that you order, having some trouble with a payment, or anything which is related to this app you can contact Taco bell app customer support.

There are many different methods using which you can get in touch with customer service.

Some of these are-

  • Contact app support via email at – DigitalSupport@tacobell.com.
  • Official support page – https://www.tacobell.com/contact-us.
  • Twitter Support page – @tacobellcare.

Other FAQs

Why can’t I log into Taco Bell App?

Wrong login credentials will lead to login failure. Double-check that your password and login information is correct. You can also use the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page to reset your account password.

How do I Fix my Taco Bell app?

Following the troubleshooting guide explained above step-by-step you can fix the Taco Bell app not working problem pretty much most of the time.

How do you check out on the Taco Bell App?

Once you order everything you wanted it will provide you the option to check out. There you can pay online for your order using any available payment method.

Does Taco bell still have Mexican Pizza?

Back on September 13, 2022, they returned Mexican Pizza as a permanent item back in the menu. So yes they still have Mexican pizza.

How to fix Taco Bell online orders not working?

If you are unable to place an order online, First try to cancel the order. Once you cancel an order, order it again. If that does not work, this might indicate there is some server-side issue going on right now.

How Do I get a refund from Taco Bell using the app?

In order to get a refund, first you have to cancel your order. In the mobile app on the order, page tap on the ‘Cancel Order’ option and confirm the cancelation. It would take some time for the refund to be credited to your account.

Does Taco Bell mobile app support Apple pay?

Yes, it supports Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also pay using your Credit card, Debit card, or gift card as well.


Taco Bell not working cause distress especially when you are hungry and just want to order something delicious and can’t due to an error like the app refused to login.

There are a wide range of different reasons why a mobile app might throw an error most likely on them is bugs or server outage.

Some of them you can work around these glitches by performing simple troubleshooting but sometimes you need to contact customer support.

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