Dasher Direct Not Working for Online Payments? Here’s solution!

Is your DasherDirect Card consistently declining, and you have no clue why? Dasher Direct, the DoorDash driver-specific banking solution, has been plagued by occasional outages and glitches that can leave the Dasher Direct app not working. But fear not, dear readers, as this troubleshooting guide not only helps you diagnose the reasons but also troubleshoots and provides alternative solutions.

Key Highlights

  • The major reason Why the Doordash DasherDirect Card does not work online often is because it is a prepaid card. There is a large number of websites which doesn’t allow payment from the prepaid card.
  • Other than that transaction restrictions by Doordash, insufficient balance, and locked or inactive accounts are a few other reasons behind your Dasher Direct Card declining.
  • Dasher can fix most of the issues by confirming the right details, having sufficient funds, checking for any restrictions, and contacting Doordash customer support.
  • For the websites which doesn’t allow a Prepay card, there is a simple fix; transfer funds and use another card for Payment.

Why is my Dasher Direct Not Working?

Has your Dasher Direct Card also suddenly thrown a card declined error on each site you try to enter? and you don’t know why? Don’t panic, dear friends! Here are a few of the most common why this might be the case –

Maybe the website doesn’t accept Prepaid cards?

There is a large number of websites out there which doesn’t accept payment from Prepaid cards, and DasherDirect is a kinda Prepaid card.

There might be an issue with your Card

The transaction also declined due to insufficient funds and information entered as well.

Other than that if there is an ongoing issue with your Doordash or Dasher account, transactions do decline in that case as well.

Possible Technical issue with DasherDirect

In the past few months, both customers and dashers faced lots of issues including the DoorDash App not working, or DoorDash Fast Pay not working, and there also problems where it was taking long for funds to be credited in DasherDirect.

Technical gremlins are common, and your Dasher Direct Card errors could even be part of this parade.

How to Fix Dasher Direct not working issue

Fix Dasher Direct Not Working for Online Payments

You can use the DasherDirect app for online purchases, money transfers, and withdrawing money from the ATM.

But as we have discussed there are some websites which doesn’t allow purchases from Prepay cards, and Dasher Direct is a prepaid card.

This is probably the reason why your Dasher Card is keeps declining.

And if the site doesn’t accept it, you cannot force to accept that card.

But Don’t Dash Away just now.

There are few simple workarounds, which help you to pay for the online purchase or subscription using the money from your Doordash account –

Transfer Funds to another account and use that account

Many of us have different bank accounts and multiple credit cards, so when one gets declined, we can use another one instantly.

But the problem does come about with funds what if we want to use funds available in our DasherDirect Card, but it keeps declining?

Well in that case you can try to transfer funds from your Dasher account to the account whose cards are working right now.

To do you can either transfer digitally (if possible) or withdraw funds using an ATM and deposit in the account you wish to use.

Transfer or Deposit in the Cash app account

Cash mobile app, is one of the convenient online money transfer platforms, if you do not have any other credit or debit card to use for online purchases you can use it for payment.

You could do, it two ways

  • By transferring funds from your DasherDirect app.
  • Or by Withdrawing cash from your Dasher Direct card and depositing that money into your Cash app account.

No, matter which method you try, once the money is deposited into your bank account, you can use your cash app account to complete that online transaction.

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Is Dasher Direct down today? Where can I check?

DoorDash has a dedicated page to help those users who are facing server down or similar trouble. You just have to head over to the help center click on customer or dasher support and then troubleshoot.

My Dasher Card keeps declining, How to fix it?

Dasher Prepaid card doesn’t work for some of the websites. Try using it on another website, if it is not working anywhere you have to contact customer support.

What should I do if Dasher Direct is down?

If your Dasher Direct card not working because the server is down right now, you have to wait for services to resume. Once the maintenance period is over you can start using it again.

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