How To Reactivate Groww Account? – Fix Deactivated or Deleted

Is your demat account on the Groww app recently got deactivated for some reason? and looking for a way to Reactivate Groww account back to as it was before?

In this guide, we are going to talk about Why Groww disabled some trading accounts and what can you do to unsuspend, enable and restore your demat trading account online when the Groww app not working becouse your account got deactivated.

Reactivating the Groww Account

How To Reactivate Groww Account

Groww is one of the most convenient online trading and investing mobile applications available for Indian investors.

The application is suitable for you whether you are traders who do swing trades for the short term only or an investor seeking to keep your investment for the long term, Groww is one of the most ideal solutions for you.

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Other than offering investment in all nifty and Sensex stocks, you will also be able to invest in a mutual account from one place.

To do any of these you must first sign-up for a Groww account.

To open a demat account on groww, you don’t have to follow any lengthy process, just have to initiate online KYC (which is necessary for all demat accounts in India).

Once KYC is done, you’ll be able to trade in stocks.

However, there are also some users who are having trouble login into their accounts due to their accounts getting deactivated.

This short article is for those whose account is disabled and seeking to restore & reactivate their groww account.

Why does Groww Deactivate some accounts?

As a user, you have an option for deleting or deactivating your own account whenever you want to.

Of course when you disable or suspend your Groww demat account, first you have to transfer all the available funds from there to your bank account and submit a support ticket for it.

Groww doesn’t charge yearly or any other charge just for having an online demat account, so there is no point in deleting your account.

But this option is available for those who need it.

However, that is for the traders who are seeking account closure willingly.

There are some users whose demat accounts got disabled without their consent.

There are many reasons why the Groww app suspends your account and it all depends on case to case.

Here are some common reasons they deactivate accounts –

  • You have raised a support ticket for the closure of your account.
  • You might have not done the eKYC process properly.
  • If the Demat account of the user is some kind of violation, they might disable your account.

How can I Reactivate my Groww account?

Most of the time, they only disabled your account only on a temporary basis (You can request full account closure if you want to) which can be enabled again.

If you believe this happens due to some mistake and want to have access to your account again you simply have to contact Groww support.

There are many ways a demat account holder can contact the support team for example – using live chat, support email, and submitting a support ticket.

Submitting a support ticket with the email that you have to use to register for a groww account is a sure way to get attention to your issue.

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Other FAQs

Where can I download Groww Account closure form?

The demat account closure form is available on the official website – . Before filling out and submitting this form make sure to sell or transfer all of your assets and make sure to clear all the funds.

How to Close Groww mutual fund account?

If you have a Groww mutual fund account, you can submit a support ticket from the app > Profile page > Help and Support > Grievance.

What if I uninstall Groww mobile app?

When you uninstall the Groww app this will be uninstalled from your device. Don’t worry about your account, using the same login credentials you can log in again when you install it again.

Where to Send the Groww account closure form?

You have to reach the support team via email at – and ask them to close your account. They will guide you further on closing your account.

How can I delete my Groww demat account online?

Post closure of your demat or mutual fund account you can proceed to close your Groww account permanently. You can request full account closure from the support team.


Reactivating your disabled Groww account isn’t a complex task, more often than not, especially when your account is deactivated due to inactivity, failed KYC, or similar reasons.

The exact process to enable your demat account again may well depend on the reason why your account got disabled in the first place.

However, customer support is generally adept at easily restoring your account to its former glory.

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