Afterpay not working at checkout? – Fix your order Being Declined

There is a strange issue going on right now where Afterpay not working at checkout. Even tho this error is happening only for a few users, it is really frustrating when after purchasing a product all want to pay and head home.

But due to this issue, your order might decline continuously.

Other than offline merchants Afterpay is also having an issue where it is not working for online stores such as Shopify or Chase.

So don’t worry if your Afterpay not working during checkout and your order is declined due to this issue; here in this guide, we are going to discuss step-by-step troubleshooting to fix just that.

Common reasons why Afterpay not working during checkout?

Fix Afterpay not working at Checkout error

Here are a few of the most common reasons why Afterpay not working at checkout –

  • Merchants do not support Afterpay – Not every merchant does support this payment method. When they do not support it, it will simply not show up on the checkout page.
  • Restrictions with your account – Afterpay does place restrictions of some limitations on some users. Especially for new users, they do apply restrictions on how much amount they can spend.
  • Issue with Payment gateway – Sometimes issue with the payment gateway. If the website which you are using to pay money isn’t working you won’t be able to check out.
  • Not having enough balance – If you do purchase the product at a higher price than the funds available in your account you won’t be able to pay.
  • Other technical glitches – There are some technical glitches, bugs, and server issues that can occur anytime.

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How to Fix the Afterpay not working at Checkout issue

When Afterpay not working at checkout or your payment method is declining continuously, here are the troubleshooting steps you can follow –

Check for any limitations or restriction

Customers who are new to Afterpay are subject to some limitations and restrictions, especially the ones who haven’t made any purchases.

This also applies to customers whose account is less than 6 weeks old.

If this is the case, try lowering your order amount for the first order.

Once 6 weeks has passed most of those restriction will be removed from your account.

Confirm that you have enough balance left

Not having enough funds available to pay for the order is another reason why it might be not working for you.

It’s always a good idea to check the balance available before proceeding to order something.

Check that the merchant supports Afterpay for payment

Not every merchant supports Afterpay as a Payment method.

The simple way that you can tell whether they support it or not is by visiting their checkout page.

If Afterpay isn’t there in the list of available payment methods, they do not support it.

You can try another merchant who supports it or use another payment method.

Ensure that the Afterpay server is not down right now

Sometimes it could be some sort of technical glitch from their or the merchant server.

Interruption during the payment process can also cause some issues.

If there is an ongoing issue right now, it’s recommended that you should wait and try again after some time.

Contact the Afterpay support team

Sometimes for you as a customer it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason behind the issues hence you might not be able to fix it by you alone.

When this happens you have to contact their support team.

You can contact their customer care executive by submitting a new request on this page –

You can also visit their help center website for further information –

Further FAQs

Why is my Afterpay declining when I have Money?

Server issues, Unsupported merchants, and issues with your Afterpay account are the main culprits in its decline during the checkout process.

Why is Afterpay declining my first order?

In their own word ” If you are a new customer, we may limit your smaller number of purchases. These restrictions are tighter when you get started”.

How to Fix Afterpay not showing up at checkout on Shopify?

Afterpay is not available for all merchants on Shopify. If the merchant hasn’t added this payment method, it will simply not show up on the checkout page.

Why Chase is not accepting Afterpay during checkout?

The reason it is not showing for you is that Chase does not offer Afterpay as a payment method.

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Afterpay just like any other online payment service has its own faults and features.

Sometimes it might not work, but when it happens you don’t have to worry too much since you can easily fix most of these errors by following this troubleshooting guide.

But even after trying every single step mentioned in this troubleshooting guide Afterpay not working at checkout for you continuously you have to get in touch with their customer support team.

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