DraftKings App not Working? – Fix Network, Update & Other Errors

DraftKings similar to Fantasy 11 is an online Fantasy competition service and it has its own official mobile application by the same name. But recently there are a few issues that come to light where its Server seems to be down and the majority of its features weren’t working properly. 

Also, Users have reported some strange errors codes –

Network error, There is an issue reaching the Draftkings servers, please try again. Error code ‘5-0-2-5-3’

Source: Twitter

As you can clearly read, this time this issue is due to an unplanned Server outage.

If you are also having a Draftking app not working issue on your phone, this article is for you, since here we are going to talk about DraftKings down, not loading and server issue in more detail.

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Why is DraftKings Down and Not loading?

Fix DraftKings app not working

If I have to summarize it in a few words – This time it is not working because the Draftkings servers were down.

Server-related issues are common, not only on mobile applications but with everything else which is also connected to the Internet.

When servers are down or there is any glitch it also affects the end users as well.

When the Server is down, the app will not load for you on your mobile phone.

Other than server-related glitches there are a few other reasons which affect your experiance with this app –

  • A glitch in the mobile application can bar you from using a specific function in the app.
  • Issue related to your network. Since this sports app requires a constant internet connection, having slow Internet will cause the issue.
  • There are some other temporary issues as well. Usually can be fixed by force restarting the app.

How to Fix DraftKings app not Working issue?

You can Fix DraftKings App not working error by following this simple troubleshooting guide –

Check for Server issues

As a user, you can get confirmation on a server-related error by heading over to – @Draftking on Twitter.

Other than contacting them on Twitter you can also contact the support team to confirm if the error you are having is due to server-related issue.

If the issue is due to some technical glitch on their end, you have to wait till developers fix the issue.

Check for Connection issues

Other than the Server down issue the problem could be a slow or weak internet connection.

To fix the Internet-related issues, first, check that your Internet is working properly, perform a speed test, and switch to another network if needed.

Reset the mobile app

Resetting the mobile app by clearing out the app cache, and app data and force close and restarting the app will fix some of the temporary issues for you.

What you have to do is – Just tap and hold the DraftKings app icon, scroll to Storage, and Clear the app cache & data.

Now force close the app and try opening the app again to see if it starts working.

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Contact Customer support

When all the previous three steps don’t work for you, the only option left is to contact the DraftKing Customer support team.

Especially if you are facing some serious issue, you have to customer care first.

Here is customer support information for this app – 

  • Contact on Twitter – @DraftKing.
  • Support Email – sportsbook@draftkings.com.

Other FAQs

Why I Can’t log in to this app?

Login issues are usually due to wrong login credentials. If that’s the case with you resetting the password will fix the problem. It could be also due to server issues as well.

I am unable to Update the DraftKings app, How to update it?

When there is the latest version is released, this app will automatically update to the latest version. However, it isn’t updating by itself you can try installing its APK on top of the app.

Why is the Draftking app not opening for me?

If you have installed an unsupported APK, this could happen. Make sure that you have installed the mobile application from authorized sources.

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