Elden Ring Summons Not working: Co-Op, Spirits, Sign & Bell

Is Elden Ring Summons is not working for Cooperation or Summoning spirits in-game? Here is How to fix this error.

Elden Ring Summons not working?

Elden Ring Summons not working

Elden Ring game is a treat not only for those who love hardcore soul games but for new gamers as well who just going to start their journey in this genre.

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One of the most amazing things about this game is that you can play alone on your own as well as with your friends.

It has multiplayer functionality where you can summon your friends whenever they are online and wants to enjoy this game with you.

Elden ring also has a feature that allows you to Summon AI Spirits to assist you in combat against powerful enemies.

In Order to use this feature, you’ll need Spirit Calling Bell.

How can i use Summons in Elden Ring : Why can’t i summon spirits?

Once you get the Spirit Calling Bell you are ready to Summon sprits in this game.

Bell is required to summon spirits without it, it would not simply work.

You can only summon spirits when the white gate symbol should appear on the left of your screen.

To avoid misuse of this feature game developers added to only works generally with difficult enemies.

How to Get Spirit Calling bell?

Spirit calling bell will be given to your by Ranni the witch.

Here is the Step-by-Step guide by Gamespot guiding you, on how you can get Spirit calling bell during gameplay.

Unable to be summoned in Elden ring

Similar to summoning your friend in online multiplayer you can be summoned if you allow it in your game setting.

When you are ready to be summoned make sure to put Tarnished’s Furled Finger to place a summoning sign on the ground.

This ritual allows others to bring you into their worlds.

You can this ritual, an infinite number of times to summon in different player worlds.

Elden ring why can’t i summon players?

In-Game under system under network globe icon make sure you have the following settings:

  • Cross-Region Play: Perform Matchmaking.
  • Send Summon Sign: Enable.
  • Launch Setting: Play Online.
  • Make sure you accepted the data usage agreement.

Also, make sure that you are connected to the internet and getting proper speed.

Elden ring unable to summon friend

If you are unable to summon your friend it could be due to one of those reasons:

  • Your Friend is summoned by someone else.
  • Game settings is not right in your game.
  • The server is probably overloaded or having some issues.

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Elden rign summon sign not appearing

This problem is most likely due to the wrong settings.

If summon sign is not appearing on your game screen, the first thing that you have to make sure is that “Send Summon Sign” is enabled in your Elden Ring > System > Network settings.

also, make sure that your performance matchmaking is enabled as well in Cross-region play.

Here is a video that might help you in this case:

That’s how you fix various Elden Ring summons not working errors.

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