Fix: Valheim auto pickup not working with Mods

Valheim auto pickup not working for some players. While sometimes fixing this issue is simple as pressing a key, sometimes you have to follow a lengthy process to identify the root cause.

In any case, if you are unable to pick automatically during your Valheim gameplay and want to fix the problem, this guide is for you.

What is Valheim auto pickup not working issue?

Valheim auto pickup not working

Valheim is one of the highest rates and popular sandbox survival games out there.

It is available for Windows PC, Linux computers, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S consoles.

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While only developed by a team of 5 people, this game quickly became popular among gamers. 

This is still in active development while the pre-release version is out there for your to explore.

However, due to being in active development players sometimes encounter some bugs or glitches during their gameplay.

One of those errors is Auto Pickup is not working for some users.

For some, it just randomly stops working, and for some, it is due to mod conflict.

Whatever the reason Valheim auto pickup not working for you, this guide helps you fix the problem.

Why is Auto Pick up not working for you?

It’s hard to Pinpoint the exact reason for every person.

But there are a few most common reasons why Auto pick up is not working for you in this game –

  • This feature is possibly turned off in your game. You can turn it on if that’s the case.
  • Mod conflict – There are some mods which are conflicting with the feature.
  • Some of the files are missing or removed by your Antivirus program. Running a steam integrity check will ensure that none of the files are missing from the game.

How fix for Auto Pick-up not working

The auto-pickup feature can be disabled if you don’t need it.

While you are playing on PC you can toggle this feature on or off by simply pressing ‘V’.

If this is not working for you due to the reason it’s disabled then this will enable it.

Once you enabled auto pickup you can use it (Probably without any issue).

That key is to Turn off or enable on your PC.

For Xbox players, you have to press the “Left trigger + left stick button” on your Xbox gaming controller to toggle on and off.

But what if the Keys are not working?

Sometimes key bind might be different for you and pressing “V” might do something else entirely.

Same thing for consoles if you changed the key bind setting in the past.

In this case in your game setting, check key binds and look for the key that is bound to Auto pickup.

If there is no key bind to this, you can choose to bind there in the settings.

Sometimes it could also happen due to something missing from your game files.

To fix this make sure to run a game integrity check on steam.

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How to Fix when Auto pickup not working with Mods

Other than being disabled by Key, this feature might also not work due to some conflict with your Veiheim mods installed on your Computer.

While not all players use mods, a large number of players do.

One thing with the modded game is sometimes it can cause some unexpected conflicts and glitches during gameplay.

If you suspect that it is with you, you can take these troubleshooting steps-

  1. Disable all mods, the process is different for the mod manager that you are using. 
  2. Once you disable all mods, run Vaiheim directly from the steam launcher.
  3. During gameplay try to use Auto pickup. Press “V” to enable it if it is disabled in the game.
  4. If it is working, we can now say with 100% certainty that it’s due to mods.
  5. You can now enable your mods one by one and see if your game is working properly with these mods.
  6. Make sure to enable any mods that make any changes to your Inventory, and equipment slots last.
  7. Once you identify the mod that is causing the problem, you can remove it from your modlist.

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Other FAQs

Can you turn off Auto pick up in Valheim?

Yes, you can. Using the same key that use to turn it on, also turn it off. For PC it’s “V” and for controllers, it’s the Left trigger + left stick button.

Why auto pick up is not working in Vaheim plus?

The simplest reason might be that it is turned off. You have the choice to enable it if you want. Another reason might be mod conflict, which is quite common for modded games.

Do I need to turn off mods to use Valheim auto-pickup feature?

Not all of these. However, there are some mods that might cause conflict. You have to disable and identify the real culprit, once you identify it. You can remove that mod and enable others again.

Is Velheim is not working after the update?

Updates are mostly there to fix some glitches and introduce new features to the players. However, sometimes it does the opposite. If your game is not working after the update, you have the option to downgrade to the version where it was working properly. You can use this guide by Makeuseof to know how.

How can I change the Auto pickup Radius?

The game in this regard is somewhat limited. However, there are some great mods out there that can help you with additional functionality. To change a few other settings you can use “SK Tool Box” which is available on the Nexus mods website.

What is the Key to enabling Velheim Auto pickup on the steam deck?

Steam deck keys are the same as Xbox controller keys (mostly). So using the Left trigger + left stick button will work. But keybind might be different, you can check in the game setting if that doesn’t work.

How can I enable auto pick-up on with a gaming controller?

If you are using the Xbox gaming controller, be that may be on your PC or Console the keys are the same. You have to press the Left trigger + left stick button to toggle it on or off.

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