ESPN Stream Not Working? – How to Fix ESPN+ issues on PC

Are you suddenly seeing an error message like “We are unable to play this video at the moment” and ESPN Stream not working on your PC or Laptop after that?

Issue while streaming from your laptop is common, but you can easily fix these issue provided the problem does not appear as a result of some type of server-related glitch.

By having a good Internet connection, Disabling third-party browser extensions, and Clearing out browsing cache we can fix ESPN+ not working problems on our Web browsers.

In this guide, we are going into more detail that how can you take actionable steps to fix streaming errors and how to prevent most of them from happening in the future.

How to fix ESPN Stream on Working Issues on Computer?

ESPN Stream not working

A few days back we talked about How to Fix ESPN Fantasy App not working issue for your smartphones and Smart TVs.

But the thing is not everyone prefers to use the mobile application when ESPN+ subscription plans also include access to the official website as well.

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If you have a PC or Laptop, your might prefer to stream your favorite sports even on web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

But Sometimes ESPN stream does not work or suddenly stops working on your Laptop.

When you are having streaming issues you might see errors like this –

  • We are unable to play this video at the moment.
  • Can’t establish a connection to the server.
  • You might also not see any error, the streaming window simply will take forever to load.
  • Iframe sometime would load audio and visuals or one of these during streaming on PC.
  • Some kind of strange error code appears on the window instead of the video.

These kinds of problems can really foil your plan to spend some time watching your favorite sports event on your Desktop.

So that’s why here we are going to go through step-by-step troubleshooting steps to Fix ESPN stream not working issues on your PC.

Step 1: Ensure Good Network Connectivity

Without an Internet connection, you will not able to access the streaming, you already know this.

But the sometimes problem is not visible on the surface.

Sometimes Network speed is not constant or it is very slow, which might work for text-based websites but not for streaming videos online.

When it takes too much time to load, the video is buffering again and again, check that you are getting proper and constant internet speed.

You can check your Internet speed on Websites like Fast.Com, and or simply search “Speed Test” on google.

Step 2 – Fix any problem with your ISP or Firewall

Sometimes your ISP intentionally or unintentionally blocks the DNS of the server from where content is originating.

That’s the reason why there is some people are having issues streaming on their Spectrum or Xfinity network.

There could be also a chance that it is flagged by Firewall on your Windows or Mac PC.

You can simply confirm it by loading the streaming page on another device on the same WiFi and on the same device with another network.

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Step 3 – Check if the ESPN+ Server is down right now

Once you are sure that the problem is not with your internet connection or ISP or firewall, it is time to check if ESPN Server is down right now.

Every website sometime gets down or loads very-very slowly due to server-related issues.

This could also happen due to a sudden spike in viewers.

When there is a special sports event that lots of people watch online, this could be the reason.

Server issues can’t be fixed by the viewers but you can lodge complaints with the ESPN+ support team if you having this kind of problem constantly.

Step 4 – Pay attention to Add-ons of Browser extensions

Some of the browser extensions that you have installed on your web browser might interfere with streaming content online.

This holds especially true for ad-blockers or privacy-related browser add-ons.

If the problem isn’t solved by the first three problems mentioned above try disabling browsing Extention one by one and see if it works after disabling.

When it works once you disable a particular browser extension that is causing a problem, remove it or let it disable at least until a match is finished.

Step 5 – Resolve other Browser related issues

Sometimes issues like blocking cookies whether its third party or first-party, blocking trackers, fingerprinting or Javascript can lead to broken websites.

This holds especially true for content streaming websites like – which rely on cookies to identify their subscribers.

If they can’t identify (If cookies are blocked) streaming will not work for you.

It would be best if you also made sure that JS or script is not disabled in your browser.

Close the ESPN tab, Enable cookies, and make a change in other required settings once that is done clear all of your browser history including cookies, caches, login data, and browser history, and close your browser.

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Open again and log into your ESPN+ account and check if the stream working again.

Please note: This guide especially talks about what to do When ESPN not working on a PC or Laptop. If you are this kind of issue while streaming on an app on your Phone or SmartTV you have to take a different approach to fix that problem.

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