Fandual App not working: Fix Live Score, Racing & Down errors

Fandual is an online fantasy racing game that allows users to participate in various diffrent games from using one single app.

The app similar to others of the same nature app isn’t available officially on the official Android app store.

That doesn’t stop users from installing on their phone, however, even tho you installed it from the official source there are some bugs that haunts the players.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about these Fandual app not working bugs and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix issues such as – Live scoring errors, Racing apps, Verification issues, unable to login.

How to Fix Fandual App not working

Fandual app not working

Fandual is a Fantasy Basketball game not for watching games but to play for the fans.

Using this app fans can draft their virtual teams by choosing players of their choice.

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It offers you action for NBA, NHL, UFC, Soccer, MLB, PGA, NFL, NCAAF, and more on your phone.

Fans have the freedom to build their own fantasy league, custom contest, and play for real cash.

Also other than the fantasy match itself it also offers full scores, news, and other data from NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NFL, Champions League Soccer, and so on.

Fandual developers constantly working to improve user experience.

Still, there are issues that users may face from time to time.

If you are having any kind of Fandual App not working error, then this post is for you.

Fandual Live Scoring not working

Fandual offers you live scores of any live match.

The scores here on this app are available in text format, so you can easily get the idea of which way the match is heading.

But in case Fandual live scores are working, here are few things you can try to fix this issue-

  • Check network – Live scores works only if you are connected to network.
  • Exit out and in App – Close the app and all its instances, and open again after 15 seconds.
  • Check for Server status – TheFandual server might be down. Check for the server status.

Solve Fandual Scout App not working issue

Fandual Scout is another great app by the FanDual team.

This isn’t a fantasy sports app but if you have a Fan dual account this app will help you gain a competitive edge in a fantasy sport.

It retrieves player news, stats and offers you in one place.

Fandual scout app offers Injury notifications, player news, watchlist, advanced stats, and more at your fingertips.

But this app is not without its bugs,

Some of the users while using this app are facing Login errors, Data mismatch, Update error,s and so on.

Here is troubleshooting steps that you need to follow-

  • Make sure that this app is updated to the latest version. They had login bug in the past but it was fixed in the recent version.
  • Try uninstalling, reboot,ing and reinstalling and check if that’s fix the issue.
  • Contact customer support email: You can also contact them on Twitter @fandual.

Fandual Racing app not working

The fandual racing app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

However, for some reason application is not available on the Google Play Store.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t download this app for your Android phone.

There is an APK file available which you can download from the official site and then install on your phone.

If the Fandual racing app is not working on your phone, there might be compatibility issues.

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Why won’t Fandual verify me?

Fandual uses a verification agency to verify all the details you entered in the app.

Details like your name, date of birth, and social security number should be correct to finish the verification process.

So make sure that you entered all of the right details at the time of registration.

Sometimes it may verify you even if your details are correct.

Here are a few possible reasons behind verification errors-

  • Details that you entered might not be updated with the agencies. Check for anything that you changed recently like your address.
  • Try entering different variation of your name, Try adding or removing your middle name.

If even then you can’t verify your details you can complete verification by uploading identification documents.


How to use Fandual App?

Fandual is a Fantasy sports application that helps you to play fantasy baseball and soccer. You can see how to Play guide on the official website.

Is Fandual App down?

You can check Fandual status by contacting them on Twitter or via mail.

Why Isn’t the Fandual App working?

There is various reason why this fantasy sports app may not work on your phone. Just follow this guide and you can fix the issue (Most of the time).

Is Fandual not working right now?

In case Fadual is down, you can get updated on the official social media account. Check @FanDual on Twitter for more information.

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