Frndly TV app not working? – Fix for Roku, FireStick, and Smart TV

Recently, the Frndly TV App was Down and was not working for those who are using this on-demand live streaming app on their Smart TV, Firestick, and Roku.

That is the primary reason for sharing this Troubleshooting guide which helps you fix Frndly TV app not working errors.

Here we are going to discuss how can you fix errors like something that went wrong, and try again later, taking too much time loading, Buffering, Crashing, or any other similar error codes.

How to Fix Frndly TV app not working errors

Frndly is one of the most popular video-on-demand and lives TV apps which offers you 40+ TV channels just for $6.99 per month.

It offers you channels like A&E, Hallmark Channel, The Weather channel, History channel, INSP, etc.

It is available for your Android, and iOS smartphones as well as Android Smart TV, Apple smart TV, and streaming devices such as Roku and Amazon Firestick.

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However, if you use this app you are already available of the all features this offers you.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the features and what to do when the Frndly TV App not working.

Frndly TV troubleshooting Guide – For General issues only

For general issues such as – crashing, buffering, content not loading, blank pages, or streaming errors you can follow this general troubleshooting guide.

Check for Server Down issues

An online TV app just does not stop working randomly.

If it happens suddenly and there is no video or other content is loading first you have to check if this is due to due to server down.

Clear out Cache and Data

When Frndly TV Down Detector is showing that there is no ongoing issue right now, it could be a temporary issue with the cache.

You can try clearing out the app cache and data on your mobile phone or smart TV.

Re-install the app and Reboot your Phone

When deleting cache & data does not work, Re-installing app might help.

First, uninstall the Frndly app from your device, reboot your device and install the app again.

Ask for Support

There are some issues that can’t be fixed by the end user.

That’s the reason why developers provide their email addresses in case you need assistance.

If you have any technical issues related to the Frndly app just email developers at –

Frndly App not working on Firestick 

Here are the Amazon Fire TV Troubleshooting steps-

  1. Restart your router – The issue might be with your Internet. You can try restarting your internet connection.
  2. Restart your Amazon Fire Stick – Next try restarting your Amazon fire TV. This will clear out temporarily cache and possibly fix some issues.
  3. Check for ongoing server issues – Sometimes error happens due to server-related issue. Confirm that the Frndly TV app not working isn’t because its server is down right now.
  4. Clear App cache & data – Go to settings > manage installed application > highlight Frndly TV app and choose to clear cache and data.
  5. Contact support – If nothing works take a screenshot of the error code and send it to mail at – for further support.

Frndly App not working on Roku

Here is troubleshooting that you can do on your Roku device –

Power Cycle Roku and Router

First thing you can try close the channel and power cycle both your router and Roku device.

Just plug Roku and your router and plug both backs after a minute.

Reset Frndly Channel

If the app still not working after power cycling you can reset and re-adding the frndly channel to Roku.

How to fix Oops Something went wrong error

Imagine watching your favorite show and suddenly an error pops up – oops something went wrong, please try again letter.

The worst thing is it doesn’t provide an exact reason why this happened.

However, there are certain ways you can pinpoint the root cause behind this problem.

For example, if the internet not working properly. 

The server might be down, There is simply some issue with the content you are watching.

Most of the time it’s an issue with an Internet connection or just some temporary glitch.

And once you power cycle your router and restart the app, it would go away on its own.

But if the problem persists for a long time, It might be an indication that the Frndly server is down right now today.

Frndly TV Down Detector

There is a dedicated web page provided where you can check the current server status or service disruptions.

You have to visit –

There you can check the current server status, and monitor recent downtime or any other issues that happened recently.

That page only provides information about server status only.

If there is an issue due to an in-app bug, or glitch you will find no information about it there.

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Other Frndly TV Error codes

How do I get Frndly TV on my TV?

This app is available on your Smart TV. You can either download this app from the app store available on your TV or Send an APK file to your Smart TV and proceed with the installation.

Is the Frndly TV app working today?

You can check the current status of this app on – page. You can check the service outage and other issues that happened there.

Why is my Friendly Streaming not working?

Possibly server down or Network disruption is the reason why you are unable to stream on-demand videos. There are a few other reasons too, but you can fix these errors by following the troubleshooting guide above.

How to fix the Frndly TV App not working on Apple TV

Other than following basic troubleshooting, you can try reinstalling the app. It might fix the issue if there is no other underlying cause for the error.

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