How to print from a Chromebook {Using keyboard ShortCuts}

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Chromebook is actually differ from the other Desktop operating system, Actually much different then Microsoft, Windows, Mac and Linux. Options in the Chromebook for performs the basics functions is different. Like Print a page using printer from Chromebook.

Here this post we are going to show you how to print from Chromebook.

That’s very easy process you just have to connect your Printer first and then Press few keys on the Chromebook. If you wants to know that how to Print page in Chromebook then you have to Follow the all steps below that i mentioned.

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How to print from a Chromebook

how to print from a Chromebook

  1. First of all you have to Connect your Chromebook to the Printer Whether its Wi-Fi enabled or USB Printer.
  2. Once you connected to the Printer then you have to go to the page that you wants to print or open up the Screen of any particular application that you wants to print thru printer.
  3. Once you are on the page that you wants to print then press the Ctrl and P buttons at the same time. It will open the Printing option.
  4. First you have to select the Destinations Change in case you wants to change the Destination.
  5. Under the destination or in few cases Local destinations select the Printer and Finally click on the Print option to print that page.
  6. So that’s How to print from Chromebook.

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This option is different then the Windows operating system where we have Dedicated Print screen button to print the Screen after Connecting to printer.

If you have any Questions in your mind then you can ask in Comment section and we will helps you out as Soon as possible we read the Comments.

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