IHG App not working: Rewards, Login, Website & System errors

If you are having issues with the IHG app not working properly? This problem is not specific to you alone. Many IHG customers have reported similar problems with the rewards login, website, and system. The IHG system being temporarily unavailable is one of the most common issues, making it difficult for customers to access their rewards and account information.

IHG App not working

IHG App not working

IHG, similar to the Expedia app is an online booking app.

Using the IHG hotels & rewards app users can find hotels for their next trip right from their mobile phone.

It offers you online booking of hotels and hotel chains like Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Holiday Inn Resort, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Regent Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and many more.

Other than online hotel booking, you will also earn rewards on each booking which will be transferred into your account.

Here is a list of features that the IHG app offers-

  • Online booking for a hotel right from your mobile phone within a few seconds only.
  • Flexible booking options without any cancellation charges.
  • Easily change booking directly from the app itself.
  • All trip details like directions, amenities, dining and other options are available within the app.
  • Earn rewards points on booking. You can use those points to pay later for another booking.
  • Have anything to say or any complaint related to the app you can directly chat with customer support from the mobile app.

However here we are not going to review this app, but what to do when the IHG app not working.

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Why is the IHG app not working

There are many reasons why IHG Hotels & rewards app might not work for you.

Some of those reasons are-

  • The IHG web server, which is responsible for providing data might be down right now.
  • The server might be going undergoing maintenance.
  • In-app bugs and glitches could cause login issues, crashing, blank pages, or some other problems.

Other than, the list of reasons mentioned above IHG also faced a cyber attack a few days back.

Hackers deleted a large amount of data back which in a result ended up in prolonged “Website Maintenance”.

IHG System is Temporarily Unavailable

IHG System Temporarily unavailable is a server-side issue that you see when the server is having some technical issues.

It means that either the IHG server is down right now or it is going through some maintenance.

In either case, you won’t be able to use the offered services until the server is up and running.

Same with the error code like ‘Our website is undergoing scheduled maintenance. We will be back up shortly’ message.

The IHG Rewards login not working

IHG login is a common issue which is faced by many of its users.

You can see that other users are complaining about login problems as well as app store pages.

For example, some users reported that the app keeps insisting that their password is incorrect even when they entered the correct login credentials.

There are other login issues as well like – invalid credentials, you don’t have permission to access, access denied, and other problems.

If you are not sure whether the login info that you are entering is correct or not, you can reset your password.

But if you are sure that the app won’t log sign in, even when you enter the right login credentials you can contact customer support.

Make sure to take a screenshot of the error page and send this to IHG mobile (developers of this app).

You can mail the app developer at – newapp@ihg.com.

IHG Website not working

Is IHG Website not working or you are getting some sort of error while accessing the official website?

Website errors are common and happen when there is some kind of issue between the web server or client.

Errors like 404 not found, 500 internal server error, 401 unauthorized, 503 services unavailable, and 502 services temporarily overloaded are common.

Along with the list of these errors sometime you might see a message like these-

  • The system is Temporarily unavailable right now.
  • Our website is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

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These are not exactly issues but happen because the developer has decided to make some sort of changes to the website.

Maintenance usually happens for a short time frame only.

If the website is down for a very long time you have to contact support or the official Twitter page – @IHGhotels for more information.


Why can’t I log into my IHG account?

There are many reasons why you can’t log into your account. One of these reasons is wrong login credentials. Check your username & password combination and try again.

Did IHG get hacked?

IHG fell victim to a cyber attack where hackers deleted a large amount of data.

Why are my IHG points not showing?

Once you checkout points aren’t credited to your account instantly. It would take a few days to post rewards points to your account.

How long does it take for IHG points to show up

Once you check out, it would take a maximum of five days for points to be posted to your account.

How do I contact IHG customer service?

If you are having any issues related to any service offered by the IHG app or website you can contact IHG customer care. Customer support numbers are different for different regions. You can find all of the contact information on the official contact page.

What does IHG stand for?

IHG stands for InterContinental Hotels Group PLC. PLC here is short for Private limited company which makes its full form – InterContinental Hotels Group private limited company.

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