Investing.Com App Review: How to use, Fix not working, Download & More

Here in this post, I am Going to share the Investing.Com App review. This App which is available for Windows 10/8/7, Mac PC/Computer/Laptop as Web Application, and for iOS and Android standalone mobile Application to download is one of the Best stock tracking solutions available.

Investing.Com App Review

Investing.Com App Review

Rating4.5 Stars
DownloadsOver 10,000,000+

Investing.Com is one of the best available Stock research and analysis apps.

However, this will not only offers advanced tools for stocks but also other trading and investment options as well.

This Mobile Application offers Indices all around the world and provides you Charts, Graphs, Financial events, and news all in one place.

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Here are the features that are offered by this Stock price tracking app-

  • Data in real Time: Data is available in real-time from more than 100,000 financial instruments right on your mobile phone which listed on more than 70 exchanges all around the globe.
  • Economic Events on the Go: Get the live updates on the major economic events, You can customize your personal interest and choose what you want to get. Major updates will be available in the feed from the event that will affect the stock exchanges.
  • Personalized portfolio & Watchlists: Build your own customized stocks portfolio and keep track of prices easily. Watchlists feature allows you to keep a keen eye on your selected stocks.
  • Real-time Alerts: You can set alerts for a stock price drop, stock price increase and other major financial events easily.
  • Stock market news: You can make Better decisions without at least a better understanding of what’s happening in the market. This Offers you major news, analysis and so on that can affect the financial market in any way.
  • Technical Tools: All of the required tools like earning calenders, technical summary, Advanced price, and volume charts available for you right in the mobile application.
  • All around the Globe: This Online investing analyzing application is not only useful for India, but it is also for all of the major indices all around the world. You can track stocks from the world’s top stock exchanges.

Download Investing.Com App

If you want Investing.Com App apk Download, Download for Apple iOS iPhone & iPad, Download for Windows, Mac PC’s & Laptops then you can follow this process.

Here is How to Download –

  1. For your, Smartphone visit the respective app store – Play Store for Android || iTunes App Store for iOS.
  2. Once you there tap on the install button to proceed with the installation.
  3. Let’s the app install in your iOS iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone, Tablet.
  4. To use this application properly, you have to Login there. If you are a new user you have to signup for a new account.
  5. Using your Email/Facebook/Google Account you can create your new Inveting.Com account.

Is Investing.Com app free?

This stock analysis Mobile app is available for free to download, However, if you want to use the advanced tools offered then you can subscribe for a premium subscription.

They offered a free premium trial for 14 days to check the advanced tools.

The tools and features which come in the paid plan will help you to boost your financial research.

How to use app

You don’t need a professional degree in Trading and investment to learn How to use app to find, analyze and build your perfect portfolio.

You can watch this YouTube video by TRADING DISCIPLINE which guides the same. app not working fix

Investing.Com is not a standalone application that is available for Smartphone applications only.

Actually, The mobile App is a mobile-optimized version of the official website.

The website is designed for the investors and traders who want all in one source to get information for their financial research.

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So if you are an Investor at any stage this website will get you covered.

This will not only offer you Technical analysis tools but you can also perform the fundamental analysis tools to pick your next perfect stock.

The Mobile Application is very different as compared to the official website.

Not all features made successfully into the mobile port, also mobile app users face lots of issues including the app not working, loading error, server error, Legging, and more.

If the App is not working out properly for you you can tray out – Clearing cache and history from the app menu.

Also, check that is server is actually down. If the server is down, You can do nothing but wait for the maintenance to get over.

Or you can contact customer support.

If you have any other questions regarding this mobile app then you can mention them in the comment section down below.

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