Iron banner not working? Fix Daily Challenges not Showing 2024

For some players Iron Banner Challenge not working which left “Destiny 2” wondering Why is Iron Banner Daily challenge not Showing up for them.

In this article, we are going into detail on the topic and discuss why is for you Iron Banner quest is progressing any further and what troubleshooting steps can be followed to fix the Iron Banner bug.

Details on Iron Banner Challenge not progressing bug

How to Fix Iron Banner not working

Iron Banner is a daily challenge that Destiny 2 players can use to boost their rank and unlock various different rewards.

There are 18 Iron Banner matches in total which players can finish. From the game itself, you can check, how many of these matches you already played and how many of these daily challenges are left, furthermore at the stage you are on in this challenge.

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Players who want to get more of this challenge they’ll get it when they are automatically on weekly reset and the first four days of this event.

But there are lots of Destiny players complaining that for them the Daily challenge is either not working or simply won’t show up.

Why is the Iron Banner Daily challenge not Showing up in 2024

The most likely explanation for why Iron Banner daily challenges are showing up for you is that perhaps you have already completed all of them available to you.

If you have completed the all daily challenges available for your character you can’t proceed to another challenge.

Furthermore, “Destiny 2” also provides you with one extra challenge during the Iron Banner celebration event.

If you are sure, you haven’t completed all the challenges, they are simply not showing for you, here are a few of the reasons why they are not showing up for you –

This could be due to a bug

Recently Bungie also posted on their support account that “We are investigating an issue where the Iron Banner Weekly Pinnacle Challenges are not appearing”.

So it could be also an issue with their server.

Problems with the server or game could lead to unexpected issues such as this.

Your power isn’t high enough

Certain challenges won’t appear until you reach its pre-required levels.

For example hand, you might be able to Pickup emblem and it’ll simply not show in your inventory.

Due to this you can’t further on this challenge, as a result, it will simply not work.

You haven’t played 3 game

In order to unlock this challenge you have to first play 3 matches as your character which you intend to use on using on Iron Banner challenge.

If you are new to the game just complete these prerequisites and others (if needed) and check if daily challenges are shown for you.

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How to Fix Iron Banner Challenge not working?

Here is the set of troubleshooting steps you needed to follow in order to Fix the Iron banner not working problem –

Ensure you have completed all requirements

Just like any other Challenge or quest, this daily also do require you to complete certain prerequisites before you participate in it.

Just make sure that you have read everything about this challenge beforehand.

Have you completed challenges already?

There are a limited number of challenges available for each player during the event.

If you already have completed all the challenges for the day you have to wait for the next day for the challenge to reset automatically.

Contact Buggie for any ongoing server issues

Other than the previously mentioned steps, if the problem appears to be some sort of bug or glitch in your game you can contact the support to provide further aid on this topic.

You can contact Bungie Help on Twitter – @Bungie help for any service updates or known issues related to Destiny 2.

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Further FAQs

Is my Iron Banner Challenges are Bugged

This could be due to a bug or this could be also due to the reason perhaps you have completed all of the daily challenges for today. Some players who don’t reach the required power level will not be able to access these quests.

What are Iron Banner’s daily challenges in Destiny 2 game?

These challenges are part of the game, this is useful to boost your rank and essential for finishing the “Forging Iron” Quest.

Why don’t I have Iron Banner challenges?

The most likely explanation you are not able to see these challenges are that you already completed that character for today.

What do you need to do in order to play Iron Banner?

In order to unlock these daily challenges first reach lord Shaxx during the new light quest and speak to lord saladin there in the tower courtyard.


Hopefully, you are now able to Fix the “Iron Banner Challenge not working” or show up the issue by following this guide.

As we have discussed sometime this problem could be due to bugs in gaming servers or game servers. Other times you simply can’t see this quest simply because you don’t have the required power level, you have already completed the daily challenge amongst a few other reasons.

In any case following the steps mentioned in the CnbDaily.Com article helps you not only helps you identify the reason but helps you troubleshoot errors.

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