mAadhaar App Not Working in 2024? – Here what you can Do!

Picture this: It’s a beautiful day, and you decide to update your Aadhaar information or download a PDF copy via the mAadhaar app. But instead of effortlessly completing your task, you’re met with frustrating messages like “Something went wrong, try again later,” “Technical error,” or “Technical exception.”

This isn’t an isolated incident. Many users across the country are experiencing mAadhaar app malfunctions, with some reporting it simply not working at all.

What’s wrong with mAadhaar?

mAadhaar is the official mobile app provided by UIDAI which lets you fetch, download, and carry your Aadhaar card on your mobile phone and allows your services like downloading, updating, and verifying your Aadhaar right from your phone.

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At least that was the reason behind launching this mobile application, but for a very long time mAadhaar app not working for almost all of its users.

The Common errors include –

  • The app is constantly throwing errors – Something went wrong, try after some time.
  • On some smartphones, after installation app does get stuck on the loading screen.
  • Some of the users are experiencing frequent crashes and unresponsiveness while using the app.
  • App requires OTP verification in order your log you in. But OTP verification also not working. Users are facing Technical exceptions, Internal errors, or the OTP field disabled while trying to enter the OTP code.
  • Other than those expected errors mAadhaar app not working Outside India either. However, that is intended by developers.

Why is the mAadhaar app not Working?

A large number of issues that are listed above aren’t temporary bugs or glitches that just occasionally wander around your phone, These are some serious bugs which does affect the majority of app users daily.

If you do pay attention to the error code you receive, you might notice a large number of them are linked to the Server issues.

This is the case with many official government mobile applications and mAadhaar isn’t an exception to this list.

This can be easily confirmed by the poor ratings and reviews provided by the users who have installed this app on their phones.

Can I Fix the mAadhaar app not Working?

Restarting the app might fix some minor difficulties, but users can’t fix bigger problems like “Something went wrong,” technical exceptions, or malfunctions. The fundamental root of these perpetual issues is an error in the system.

These issues do appear because (as the error code itself said) “Something went wrong”.

As we have discussed restarting the mobile app might momentarily fix certain problems but to alleviate the problem permanently, significant redesign is necessary, and only developers are capable of undertaking this task.


Why is biometric authentication not working on the mAadhaar app?

First Check your internet connection and ensure stability. You can restart the app to refresh your settings.

How to address the issue of being unable to update or download e-Aadhaar in the mAadhaar app?

Restart your device and ensure a stable internet connection. Tap on the “Restart” or “Reboot” option from the power menu. When that doesn’t solve it might be related to server issues.

What to do when the Aadhaar app shows a “Something went wrong” message?

This is a common message when there is something goes wrong with this app. You have to try again.

Is it possible to verify Aadhaar online without the mobile app?

Yes, The Aadhaar holders can easily verify their Aadhaar online without the app by visiting the official UIDAI website and using the Aadhaar number or VID.

How can I download the Aadhaar PDF without using the official app?

Visit the official UIDAI website and select the “Download Aadhaar” option. Enter your Aadhaar number or VID, along with the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to log in. Once login is done you can Download the PDF version for free.


For users who are using mobile and want to access and edit their Aadhaar card details online, the mAadhaar app is ubiquitous for them.

Whether you want to verify your identity to access government services, or simply want a digital version of your identity card which is in your packet, this app is essential to do so.

But when this crucial app throws a wrench in your plans you simply have to try again and follow this troubleshooting guide.

When it doesn’t help as well then the only option for you is to head over to the official Aadhaar card portal – and access or update your data from there.

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