NY Am I eligible App: Requirements, Covid-19 Vaccine, Mandatory or not?

NY Am I eligible App is launched for the residents of New York State for the Covid-19 vaccinations. This app will help the New York residents to help you decide if they are eligible for vaccines or not.

Here in this post, I am Going to show you that how to use NY Am I Eligible App, Will covid vaccine be mandatory, This covid app requirement, and so on.

What is NY Am I eligible App?

NY AM I Eligible App Vaccine

Unless someone living in the cave there is no single human being on our planet who doesn’t know about Covid-19.

Covid-19 Coronavirus caused lots of damage and send the world’s economics in a backward state.

It took a little time but the Corona Virus vaccine is finally here, and in lots of countries government starts providing the Covid vaccine to the general public.

It’s not true in every part of the world, especially where Covid is affected the most.

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Countries like the US are one of the most affected countries where most people died because of infection of this virus.

This application we are talking about is the Web Application that is launched by New York state to decide whether you are eligible to take the Vaccines or not.

Currently, the government is working order to protect those who are most vulnerable to this virus.

Frontline workers, Volunteers, Medical Examiners, Doctors, Hospital facilities are the first priority for the vaccination.

How to use Am I Eligible App?

Am I Eligible App can be used to determine your eligibility online?

As per the details stated on the official web app New york state is going to receive nearly 250,000 Vaccines each week for 7 Million people.

The supply of medication is limited which means not everyone will be vaccinated for now.

So there can be confusion among the people that they are able to take the vaccine or not.

For that purpose, this web app is presented by the state.

if you are eligible to take the vaccination then you can schedule the appointment for the vaccination from the state-run vaccination site.

But to do that, first, you have to determine your eligibility.

Here is How to determine that you are eligible to take Covid-19 Vaccine or not-

  1. First head over to the Covid-19 NY Am I eligible Web App.
  2. Scroll down till you find the Get Started Button.
  3. Click on that button.
  4. An Application form will open for you.
  5. Enter your Date of Birth, Gender, Do you live in the State of new york or not, Do you work in the state of new york or not.
  6. Enter your Zip code.
  7. Read the Acknowledgement and if you agree tick on I consent.
  8. Hit the Submit button.

After that, you have to fix an appointment. An appointment is required, only those who book appointments will receive vaccines.

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Will covid vaccine be mandatory

For now, it’s not even available for everyone.

However, it can easily be sad to spread the further spread of the virus governments are going to make Covid-19 Vaccine mandatory.

How am I eligible app for the covid vaccine?

As stated that Supply of Vaccines is limited.

Due to that reason, those who are in the most vulnerable condition or in the frontline will get priority.

If you fall any one of these categories, You are already eligible for Phase 1-

  • Hospital Healthcare Workers who are caring for patients.
  • All staff, facility residents of all nursing homes.
  • Health center employees who are federally qualified.
  • EMT volunteers and staff.
  • Medical Examiners, Urgent care center workers.
  • Funeral workers, OPWDD, OMH Facility Staff.

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