Online Pharmacy App: Best Pharmacy Delivery Apps in USA

Here we are going to discuss the Best Online pharmacy app that allows you to prescription pickup and delivery in the USA. You can choose the best pharmacy delivery app according to your needs.

Best Online Pharmacy Apps for prescription pickup and Delivery

Online Pharmacy App: Best pharmacy delivery app in USA

Heading over to Pharmacy stores is not an available option for those who are seriously ill or need to avoid crowds and follow the social distancing.

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Luckily there are dozens of prescription delivery services available in the USA that let you not only order medicine online but deliver to you as per your shipping preference.

You can receive those prescribed medicines on the same day, next day, this week, next week, or at regular intervals.

Ordering medicine online is not only easy but it’ll save lots of time.

Not only fast, but those companies are also working hard to deliver medicines directly to your home.

Here are some of those Best online pharmacy apps available which offer you pharmacy delivery.


CVS is one of the best Online pharmacy app available for you.

It not only provides free delivery of the prescribed medicine but you can set up the auto-delivery for the repeat prescriptions.

Once you upload your prescription on the CVS app, it will be delivered to your address within 1-2 days.

This prescription delivery service application is available for both iOS and Android app stores.


The capsule is the app that is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

It offers you not only fast but free same-day contactless delivery.

If you want you can sync your prescriptions and make refills on time by coordinating with your doctor.

You can start with The capsule easily by yourself or you can get an e-prescription of your medication.

This app is free to use, you only pay your copay.

For now, it is available only in few selected cities. You can install and check if it provides services in your city.


Medly app also offers you free same-day delivery of your prescribed medicines.

On Medly all you need to do is tell your doctor that Medly is your pharmacy service.

Once you download the app you can easily schedule deliveries.

Currently, it works in few selected cities like New York, Florida, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Jersey.

You can download this app on your iPhone from the Apple app store.

Medly is not available for Android-based devices.


NowRx is your local pharmacy delivery app that works in the cities of California and Arizona.

Apart from free same-day delivery of medicine, you can also request for one-hour delivery in case of emergencies for just $5.

It offers an amazing feature, which allows you to talk to the pharmacist through live chat from your mobile phone.

NowRx App automatically finds the best coupons and applies them automatically while you buy medicines online.

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It is available for both Android and iOS-based devices.


Nurx app is all about berth control. Getting a birth control prescription is generally expensive in the USA.

But using Nurx you will not only get the prescription for the birth control as per your needs but also it delivers to you for free.

All you need to do is provide your health history, and a licensed provider will deliver it to you, of course after review.

If you have insurance you can use it for free otherwise you have to pay $15 monthly.

Nurx offers you more than 100 generic brands to choose from.

The courier will be also delivered to you in discreet packaging.

Currently, it offers delivery to 31 states across the United States of America.

So these are all of the Best pharmacy delivery app, Which is the best pharmacy app is best for you? Which is the best prescription delivery service that you ever tried.

You can share your thoughts or other suggestions in the comment box below.

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