What’s Remember this in iPhone? and How does it Work?

If you are an iPhone user, you might have noticed the “Remember this” shortcut on your iPhone home screen. This is one of the few shortcuts that appear by default for iPhone users and appear automatically without doing anything.

This is a shortcut that is designed for those who are kinda forgetful among us.

This is to keep track of the things which you have to do on your iPhone or iPad touch.

What is iPhone Remember this app?

What is Remember this? and how to use

“Remember this” shortcut is a shortcut that comes with the “Shortcut app”.

Using this simple shortcut you can build visual or text-based digital activities journal of yours.

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Not only for journaling you can also choose to run it at a specific time of day.

When you add the tasks you can either make it simple text or add multimedia in it.

If you rather prefer to remember tasks by using Siri rather than adding it as text from the shortcut.

You can just say – “Hey Siri, “Remember this”.

Once Siri asks you what you want to remember, simply provide instructions about what you want her to remember.

How can I Use Remember This app?

For most people, this shortcut does appear automatically but if it does not you can download this from the shortcuts app gallery.

Here is how you can install and use the “Remember this” shortcut on your Apple mobile device –

  • If for some reason “Shortcut app” is not installed on your phone you can head over to the app store and from there download “Shortcut.”
  • Now open the app, and navigate to the Gallery app on your iPhone.
  • There under the section “Shortcuts for accessibility” you will notice lots of different accessibility shortcuts.
  • You have to choose “Remember this” choose to install and add to your home screen.

Once added you can use add something which you want to remember, you can read the corresponding note or activate “Run remember this” to use the automation function.

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Apple iPhone’s “Remember This” shortcut is a helpful tool that helps in building visual and textual logs of daily digital activities that you need to do on your mobile phone.

Via this shortcut, you can not only journalize those tasks but automate them to run on your phone automatically at a specific time or under specified conditions.

Those who rather prefer giving voice commands can alternatively ask Siri to do all the work for them.

To do this you just have to say “Hey Siri, Remember this” and then give a task that you want to remember by your phone.

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