Roku Live TV not working? Fix and reset your streaming channels

Having trouble with your Roku Live TV? Is your Roku streaming channels aren’t functioning or your TV guide is not showing correctly? these are some of the most common issues faced by Roku users who are just trying to watch live TV channels. 

If you are same issue as well, you can use this article as your troubleshooting guide to solve these problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Some Roku users are having an issue where their Live TV channels suddenly stopped working.
  • Some, are only able to view a few channels only, for others they can’t watch any live channels.
  • This bug is mostly reported by users who recently switched to diffrent network providers or tried using Roku on diffrent TV.
  • While the “Roku Live TV not working” issue could be quite frustrating, there is a simple step-by-step that you can follow to fix your streaming channels.

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Roku Live TV not working issue in detail

Roku is one of the most popular streaming solutions if you want to watch your faverite TV shows and movies on your TV.

It also offers Live TV Channels which you can easily access using the remote control.

But what if, when Roku Live TV not working for you or it does stop working?

This is an exact issue currently faced by many diffrent customers.

Here are the few issues reported by the customers so far –

  • Showing a black screen when users try to stream any of the available Live TV channels on their television set.
  • Roku only shows premium channels.
  • Some (and in a few cases almost all of them) live TV channels are not showing up.

This problem could be quite frustrating especially when all you want to stream is your faverite tv show, but you can access it.

That’s why in this troubleshooting guide, I am going to provide a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to fix this issue.

How to Fix Roku Live TV by Reseting Streaming Channels

Roku Live TV not working

If any or some of the Live TV channels are not working on your Roku streaming device, you can follow the steps below to solve the issue –

Try the Remove, Reinstall, and Restart method

When any particular channel is not working for you or acting weird, you can try the Remove, Reinstall, and Restart method to reset that live TV channel. Here is a complete step-by-step process for it –

  1. First, you have to remove that particular Roku channel that is not working for you. Highlight that channel, Press * on the remote, and remove the channel.
  2. Now you have to restart your Roku Device. Simply navigate to Settings > System > System restart.
  3. Now Re-install that channel again. Hopefully, you will not face the Roku channel not working error after following these steps.

Revert any recent changes

There are many settings, and configuration options available for Roku users.

And sometimes misconfiguration can cause quite a headache for you.

If you are having this issue after applying another setting, changing your broadband connection, Television set, or anything like this, first try to revert back to these changes and see if you are able to stream live TV channels.

Try Switching to Diffrent Connection if possible

The majority of the users who posted this issue have one thing in common, they have recently switched to another Internet service provider recently.

If you have also switched your ISP recently, first try to remove, reinstall, and restart the method as mentioned in this post earlier.

If that doesn’t work try switching to another network if possible. 

Try resetting Live streaming channels

When none of the steps mentioned above will work, then the last hope for you is resetting your Roku device.

This will reset your Roku device to its factory default setting and remove any configuration made by you.

The downside of this is, it will remove all the channels that you have added, and you have to add these channels again.

If you are sure to reset Roku, here are the steps that you have to follow –

  1. First, you have to press home, Scroll and select settings on your TV screen.
  2. Now select ‘System’ and from there choose advanced settings.
  3. You will find an option “Factory reset” there. This is the option you have to choose if you want to reset your Roku TV.
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction and finish the factory reset process.

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Other FAQs

Why Can’t I watch Live TV on my Roku TV?

Issues with your ISP, incompatibility with TV, Firewall issues, and misconfigurations are a few of the most common issues why you are unable to watch Live TV channels.

How Can Fix Live TV Guide Issue?

You can try resetting live tv channels by following the steps mentioned in this article. It’ll refresh Channels as well as channel guides.

How do you reset live TV on Roku?

You can use the factory reset option to reset not only TV channels but also any changes that you have made. Just head over to Settings> Advanced system settings and then select factory reset to reset everything on your Roku.

Why are my streaming channels not working?

There are many diffrent reasons, and it’s hard to pinpoint why Roku TV channels are not working for you. Usually, this happens due to recent changes in the network or device configuration


In conclusion, facing Roku Live TV not working issues doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy live TV channels on your Television set, but this is just a temporary setback that can be fixed by following the steps mentioned in this article.

You can apply these troubleshooting steps, in addition to these you can also reset your ROKU TV if you suspect the issue is with configurations.

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