How to Use MySubaru app to Subaru Remote Start from Phone?

Subaru has a self-care and control application for their customers which allows them to restart their card just by using their phone. You can use the MySubaru app to Subaru Remote Start from your Phone but in order to use this remote feature you must first set it up properly.

How to use the MySubaru app to remote start your Subaru?

MySubaru app to Subaru Remote Start

Obviously to use the MySubaru app for a remote start all you need to do is Download the app from the app store, log in with your Starlink subscription, and start turning on and off your Subaru remotely.

While this feature is easy to set up, connect and use still many of the users struggle to activate it, especially because of the MySubaru app not working or a problem with your Starlink account.

and an active Starlink account is required if you are seeking to use the Remote Start feature anytime soon.

To Setup and use Subaru remote start all you need to do is the Following –

Step 1: Install and Setup the MySubaru app

The Subaru app is available on the Google Play Store for Android and on the iOS app store for apple iPhone users.

You can download this application for free on your smartphone.

Once Subaru is installed on your device you must first set up your MySubaru account.

Make sure you have all information that you needed like your’s car’s VIN number and license plate to proceed further in setup.

Step 2: Setup your Starlink account in the app

Once you download the app and set up your MySubaru account you also need to link your Starlink subscription.

Without a starlink subscription, you will not be able to use most of the features offered in this app.

Free users only have limited functionality and if for free version remote start is disabled.

The good news with most of the eligible vehicles you’ll get this subscription when you buy a new car.

If want to set up MySubaru on a used car you need to contact customer support to get more information and prove ownership of the vehicle.

Step 3: Enjoy the remote start and other Features

Once you set up the app properly you can start using remote control features like Remote start, Remote lock, unlock, and vehicle locater directly from your mobile phone.

How to use Subaru Remote start without Starlink?

MySubaru as you have no doubt already aware of the fact offers tons of different functionality, and features for its customers.

One of these cool features is Remote start which is disabled out of the box for free users.

While Basically, this app is free to use to access the majority of features offered to you, you must have an active Starlink subscription.

Remote start on your Subaru vehicle is also disabled out of the box unless you sign up with your Starlink account.

If you are looking for the answer to the question “Subaru Remote start without Starlink?” the answer is no.

You can not use Subaru remote start without a Starlink subscription.

Subaru Remote Start FAQs

How Do I Start my Subaru from my phone?

Using the MySubaru app on your Android phone you can basically control almost anything on your Subaru vehicle.

How to use My Subaru App remote start?

To enable and use remote start functionality first you must activate a Startlink subscription. Once it is added link the MySubaru app with your car. When a mobile application is linked you can use it to control and start your vehicle remotely from your phone.

Can I use remote start in Subaru without Starlink?

No, you can not use the remote start feature without an active Startlink subscription. While this app is technically free but it only offers limited functionality, to enjoy all sets of features including remote start you must have an active Starlink subscription.

How to Activate a Starlink subscription?

When you purchase a new car Starlink subscription with it. You will also receive the Starlink Kit with that vehicle. Simply download the app and connect it to your car and you will be ready to go. If it is reactivation we are talking about you can create a support ticket on the Starlink website asking them to renew your service for another year.

What is the subscription cost of a Starlink subscription?

Starlink subscriptions usually depend on your location. For example in new york, PA you have to pay Starlink subscription, you have to pay $49 for the first year of Safety Plus, and $149 for each year once the first year is passed.

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