Owlet app not working: Camera, Reading, Sock, Open & Crashing

Is the Owlet app not working on your phone? Are you having issues related to the Camera, Live reading, Smart Sock, base station connection, app opening, and crashing? Here I’ll guide you on how to fix those issues.

Why My Owlet app not working in 2024?

Owlet app not working

The Owlet app is presented by Owlet Baby cares inc to provide you with an application to connect and stream Owlet products with your phone from anywhere.

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With this Android and iOS mobile application, you can access compatible products like Smart Sock and Owlet cam live on your phone.

However, sometimes, for some users, the Owlet app does not work properly.

For example, numerous users complained that-

  • This is not connecting to the Baby cam and Smart sock.
  • Unable to connect to the WiFi.
  • The app is not opening, Crashing when trying to open it.
  • It is not connected to the base station.
  • Says connecting for a long time but not connecting.
  • Having issues, Server errors, and other network-related issues.

If you are also facing Owlet app not working error, you’ll find this post helpful.

How to Fix Owlet App not showing reading

This is the error where You would see Dashes instead of living reading below the heart rate section.

The possible reason why you are facing this error-

  • The Base station could be disconnected from the internet.
  • The sock may be disconnected from the base station.
  • Sock is attempting to get a reliable reading.

Due to any of those reasons the Owlet App not showing you reading.

If you are having this issue, here is a possible solution to fix this-

  1. First, on the Base station on the left side make sure that the small green light is lit up. If it is not then you have to connect your base station to WiFi.
  2. You’ll also need to check that the small light on the bottom right side is also lit up. This might indicate that sock and base station are connected. if it is not then reconnect the sock and base station.
  3. Review the size of the smart sock. Make sure that sock fits snugly.
    • Sensors should be centered in the windows of the sock.
    • Check that the round head of the electronic is inserted to the sock and in place.

Hopefully, if you follow the steps correctly, you will be able to see Live reading again.

Troubleshoot Owlet not connecting to the camera

You may see the error codes while setup Baby cam or you might be seeing the spinning circle with Connecting or loading, but even after a long wait, it’ll still not connect.

If the Owlet app not connecting to the camera, Here is what you can do to fix it-

  1. Make sure that the Cam has the power. Also, make sure that status lights are on.
  2. If the status lights are off unplug the cam and plug it back in.
  3. In case of status lights are blinking blue it means WiFi isn’t connected. Check and fix the WiFi connection.
  4. If the Status lights are solidly blue or purple you have to Force-Close the Owlet and relaunch it again, check if this fixes the problem.
  5. In case the lights are solid red you have to force close the app and all devices. Wait till all lights turn blue and relaunch the app.

Few other things that you have to not that the-

  • Your WiFi upload speed should be more than 2.0 MBPS for dedicated resources to work efficiently.
  • It goes without saying but you should always use the latest version.
  • The Wi-Fi network that you are using should be a 2.4GHz AP band. 5 GHz AP band is not supported.

Resolve “app failed to connect to the owlet sock”

IF the owlet app is unable to connect to the sock that simply means that your smart sock isn’t paired with the base station.

So, you have to pair the owlet smart sock with the base station.

Here is how to pair them-

  1. Plug your smart sock into the base station and that station into the wall.
  2. If you have more than one unit, instead of plugging them at the same time, set up one at a time. Once one is registered, to the same with the another.
  3. If the owlet app is open on any device force close it before continuing.
  4. Flip the base station over a down and press the small rectangle button 3 times quickly. The button should be pressed 3 times within 3 seconds.
  5. You’ll hear a beep. Once you heard the beep press the big round button 2 times. It should be pressed within 2 seconds.
  6. You’ll hear the beep again.

Now, wait till 2 to 3 minutes before opening Owlet app and try to connect it to the sock.

The owlet app won’t connect to the base station

If the Owlet app is not connecting to the base station, a few of the possible reasons behind it might be Wi-Fi is disconnected from the base station.

If Wi-Fi is disconnected from the base it is because of one of the following causes-

  • There is some kind of disruption to your home WiFi.
  • The Base station may be out of the range on the internet router.
  • Your Internet maybe not working properly.
  • The app may be showing incorrect status.

Here is what you can do to fix this error-

App Showing incorrect Status

If you are sure the Base station is connected to WiFi but the app is showing incorrect status, here is how you can fix this-

  1. Tap the Owlet app icon and hold it till you see settings.
  2. Choose the storage setting.
  3. Clear out app cache and history.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. And login again into the app
  6. Now try to connect the base station.

The base station is not connected to the WiFi

  • Check the lights on your WiFi and do the same for the Base station to make sure they are connected.
  • If they are not connected, connect them.
  • Check if you can use the internet on other devices.
  • If you can use the internet and the Base station is connected to WiFi you have to reset your WiFi router.

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Owlet app history not working

If you connect the app to the smart sock the Live reading will start and you can see it on your mobile phone screen.

Along with the live reading, this app also offers you Reading history which you can check at any time by switching to the history tab.

If the sock is connected, and you are getting live reading this issue should not appear to you.

It happens, it is most likely server related error.

In case of server down, maintenance, glitch, or bugs the best you can do is wait till the issue is resolved.

Owlet app won’t open: Crashing on Startup

Some users are having issues where they can’t open the app.

Like if they tap on the app icon and nothing happens.

In some cases, the app opens and instantly crashes.

Some of the most common causes of this error might be-

  • Your phone is not compatible with the app.
  • You download the Owlet Apk file from the internet which is again not compatible with your device.
  • You are using a very very old version that is no longer supported.

Owlet requires Android 7.0 and for iOS, you need iOS 13.0 or later on both iPhone and iPod touch.

So if you are sure that your phone is compatible, here is what you can do to fix the Owlet app crashing

  1. Uninstall the App in case you installed it from any other source besides Official app stores.
  2. Update the app if there is the latest update available.
  3. Sometimes this may appear if the app data is corrupted. In that case, you have to clear out cache and app data.
  4. Once you clear cache and app data reboot your phone and try to use this app again.

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Does Owlet work when the app isn’t open?

No, you don’t need to open this app 24/7 in order to work.

The reading that is sent to your base station will be automatically collected and stored in history.

From the history tab, you can check all the data.

As for the notification, you will receive an alert you will see an alert even if the app is closed.

However, there may be some background activity restriction apps or options on your phone that you should watch out for.

For example, some battery improvement apps restrict the app’s background activity.

If you are using those kinds of apps simply put owlet in the exception list so it can work without any issues.

So that’s everything about Why the Owlet app not working and how to fix those issues.

If you have any questions in your mind on this topic, you can mention them in the comment section down below.

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Other FAQs

Why is my Owlet app not showing readings?

If you are unable to see history or reading, it simply means that there is some sort of connection issue. You need ot reconnect app with your device again.

Is Owlet app down right now?

Owlet server status can be confirmed only by the support team. To get in touch with customer service, visit – https://support.owletcare.com/.

What does it mean when the My Owlet app says connecting?

It means that the app is taking time to connect. But it takes too much time, it means that there is some issue with your WiFi. Switching the Wi-Fi frequency might help.

How to fix Owlet smart sock 3 not working?

First, check and confirm that there is no manufacturing or physical defect. You can use it without app and if the problem is with the app you can fix it easily.

How to Fix Owlet smart sock 2 apps not working?

Troubleshooting steps for Smart Sock 2 are basically the same as smart sock 2. Follow the guide as per the error you are getting and you will be able to solve the problem on your own.

Will Owlet work without the app?

Owlet smart sock is basically plugged and play device. It would work without the app, however, you will unable to use the feature that is available in the app only.

Why is my Owlet app not working?

It depends on the error code you are getting. Following the general troubleshooting might fix most of the errors you are getting while using this app.

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