Disney Stories Not Working on Alexa? – Fix refund and No voice

Disney Stories skill does allow Alexa users to hear their favorite Disney stories any time when they want. But currently, Disney Stories Not Working on Alexa for a large majority of customers. In this guide, we are going to talk about Why this skill is not working and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix Alexa Disney stories issues.

Alexa Disney Stories not working issue in-Detail

Fix Disney Stories Not Working on Alexa

Disney Stories is one of the skills which are available on the popular home assistant “Alexa”.

Amazon provides you with a set of different functions, features, and skills that Alexa can use and you can give your own customized command to access particular output from it.

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Listening to Disney stories on Alexa is one of them.

For those who don’t know How to enable Disney stories on Alexa – You simply have to head over to this page and enable this skill.

If that page asks you to log in, simply log in with the account that you use on your Alexa device.

Once it is enabled you can access 4 stories for free. If you want to hear more stories you can buy a pack of 50 stories for low as $1 (This price is subject to change).

Awesome as it sounds, this is one of the most bugged-out skills available on Alexa skills due to issues while trying to play it.

Most of the users complained that these stories just stopped working suddenly and from there on Disney Stories not working any longer on their Alexa.

Here are a few complaints from Alexa users –

  • Stopped Working Suddenly – One of the user’s 6-year-old and 8-year-old daughters enjoyed using the Disney Stories Alexa Skill until it stopped working and kept mentioning a refund message. The user tried enabling and disabling the skill, but it did not resolve the issue.
  • Not Playing any Disney stories – When the user has selected a story, Alexa read “Just sit back, relax, and enjoy” indicating that it is starting the story but Alexa doesn’t say anything after that.
  • Almost never reads a story – Another user mentioned that they get all the way through the intro and Alexa says it is starting the story. But then after it was just silence and none of the troubleshooting steps worked for them.
  • When it works, it’s great – for this user, Disney stories work sometimes and when it works, it works without any problem. But the issue is, it doesn’t work most of the time.

Why Disney Stories not Working?

While incorrect voice commands, Internet issues, temporary server issues, and issues with your Alexa device are a few reasons why it’s not working, the most likely reason Why Disney Stories not working is a problem with the skill itself.

Using your web browser you can visit the official page by yourself.

While this was working great before just a few recent changes made this skill almost non-workable for any Alexa customers.

The usual problem is Alexa doesn’t start the story once it proceeds from the intro, it basically says nothing.

For a few other customers (Who purchased the 50 stories pack) it keeps saying “For a refund, check out the link I sent you in the app”.

How to Fix Alexa Disney Stories Not Working

A few common workarounds to fix this problem are trying a different set of voice commands, Being a little bit more specific, Enabling skill again and power cycling your device.

Here are the troubleshooting steps that you have to follow to fix Fix Alexa Disney Stories not Working in more detail –

Step 1: Be a little bit specific

One of the Alexa users ‘Michelle Auterson’ has reported that this skill only worked for her if she phrases voice commands in a certain way.

She reported that you just have to tell your Alexa “Amazon tell me Cinderella”.

You can replace Cinderella with the name of the story that you want to hear and Alexa will play it without any issue.

If you tell Alexa something like “Play Disney stories” it will give you the same error.

So just be specific and give the name of the story as well that you want to hear.

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Step 2: Check if you unlocked the story

The “Disney Stories” skill offers only 4 stories “The lion king”, “Monsters, Inc”, “Cinderella’s Best ever creations” and “Pop start mini”.

Once you enable the skill you can ask for any of these skills.

There are other city stories are available as well which you can unlock by purchasing a “pack of 50 Disney stories”.

Step 3: Try re-enabling this Skill again

Using the official Alexa app or your web browser you can enable or disable any skills you want at any time.

When the first solution didn’t work for you try re-enabling this skill again and see if that makes any difference.

Step 4: Power cycle your Alexa

Other than the bug in the skill itself, and wrong voice commands, there might be some temporary issues with your Amazon assistant.

And what better way to reset some temporary issue than rebooting your device?

As Roy might say – Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Step 5: Contact Support

While most of the issues at hand can be resolved by the end user (It means you) you can’t always fix the problem by yourself.

The Skill “Disney stories” as I have already mentioned in this article previously is bugged and is not working for most of the customers.

If you are having this issue as well, please contact Alexa support for more information.

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How can I unlock Disney Stories Skill on Alexa?

Disney stories are available as a skill on any Alexa device. You simply have to Search “Disney Stories” and enable the skill in order to unlock it.

Why Alexa won’t open Disney stories for me?

Before listening to any stories make sure that this skill is enabled on your device. Check the Internet connection and follow all troubleshooting steps to fix Disney stories not working on Alexa.

What Disney stories are available on Alexa for Free?

On your Amazon Alexa devices, you can listen to Classic and newer stories like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Moana, Frozen, and a few others stories once you unlocked this skill.

How can I command Alexa read Disney stories?

Just like any other skill which you can activate with voice command, just enable it and set a voice command for it. When you give your Alexa command to read Disney stories it will simply read these aloud for you.

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