VeryFitPro App Not Working: Troubleshooting, Won’t Open & Reset Steps

This post covers VeryFitPro App Not Working, Troubleshooting, Instructions, Reset Steps, Review, and How to Download this App on Your Android & iOS Smart Devices.

It’s An Android mobile application that is used to monitor your Physical Activity in case you are using Tiger HU Smartband. It is used to keep track and Sync your Workout, Health, and Sleep Data with your Android/iOS mobile phone.

Here is a detailed explanation, we Going to Explore the How to Download VerFitPro App for iPhone, Computer for, How to Fix VeryFitPro App, not working Problems, and the Instructions to set up this Application for first-time users.

So without wasting any time, Let’s get started.

VeryFitPro App Review, Troubleshooting & instructions

VeryFitPro App
App Size35M
Store Rating3.4 Stars
Rating Count42228
App DeveloperSmart Wearable Devices
Current Version3.1.2
Last update dateJanuary 15, 2020
Total Downloads5,000,000+

This mobile Application is Designed Especially for the Tiger HU Smartphone and this Mobile Application allows you to Sync you’re all of your Fitness Data with that Smartband to your Mobile phone.

The Data which is sent to your Phone is stored in this mobile Application. Here the Fitness and Sleep Quality data can be accessed anytime in beautiful Graphs format.

As you may already be very well aware that Tiger HU Fitness bands are normally less expensive and way cheaper as compared to the other Well known Fitness Smart bands like Samsung Gear, Fitbit, or Garmin.

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The expensive one that I mentioned here Goes without the Extra depth to provide you with Fitness Activities Data. However, normal users don’t need that level of Detail.

Normal users just need the Data so they can control their fitness activities and improve the quality of their sleep.

That’s exactly what this App does.

Here is a few of the Main Attraction of VeryFitPro

  • It is designed to monitor your Workouts, Heartbeats, and Sleep Quality. Once you know where you are you can Figure out How to improve it.
  • It comes with the Smart Alarm system which wakes you up at the exact time.
  • The information which will be presented in this App also can be synced with Google Fit.
  • Not only your sleep but you can also monitor your Workouts, This Data helps you to improve your Workout and helps you to be in Shape.
  • Users are also able to control their Calorie intake. It shows the Consumption of calories in real-time, So we may not accidentally eat more Calories.

Download VeryFitPro App

Do you want to Download VeryFitPro App for your Android, iOS device, or for Computer? In case you want to install you have to follow the process mentioned below as per your Operating system.

Download for Android

You can Download VeryFitPro App for Android from the Google Play store.

Here is the Download Link for the Google Play store.

Download for Android

Tap on this link you will be redirected to the Google Play store, From there you are able to Download Applications on your Android Phone

Download for iPhone

You can Download VeryFitPro App for iPhone as well, In fact on the iTunes App store is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

All of the devices which work on iOS 8.0 or Later are Compatible with the current version of the App.

Here is the Button to Download from the Offical Apple App store.

Download for iOS

Download for PC

If you Want to Stand Alone special version of VeryFitPro for PC, then sorry it’s not available. However, you are able to install & Setup the Application using Emulators as bluestacks.

It provides you with an Android environment (virtual) where you can use any of the Android Applications just like your Android phone. Once you set up Bluestacks then Head Over to the Google Play Store and search for the App.

Hit the search button and Install the Application.

How to Fix the VeryFitPro app not working?

The VeryFitPro app is for Monitoring your Physical activity right from your Smartband and Smartwatch.

If you are having errors like it’s stopped working, App won’t be opening, Not be Turning On, and other common problems then you can follow the reset steps in this troubleshooting guide to fix most of the errors.

VeryFitPro Reset Steps

If This Application is Not opening, Not responding, and isn’t working properly as expected then you can follow this troubleshooting guide to fix those known issues.

  1. First, try to restart your phone. Simply close the App, Remove all of the instances it, and Reboot your phone. Wait for at least 40 seconds after your Phone restart to Open the App.
  2. If still facing the same problem then check for the Update. Check if there is a recent update available for the App. It is possible that a new update makes the old version absolute, So it’s possible.
  3. Check the Connection between your phone and the band is working. Fix the connection if the connection is not working the way it intended to be.
  4. If none of this works Long tap on the App Icon and Clear Cache & History. Now open the App Again.

Is your issue not listed here? or it’s simply not resolved after following all those Steps?

In such a condition you can contact the developers at the official email address

Unfortunately, VeryFitPro Has Stopped

Even after following all the troubleshooting steps, you are getting an unfortunately stopped error, then maybe compatibility issues.

Check the OS requirement on the official download page on the app store.

If the app is not compatible with your device then it will not work for you.

VeryFitPro App Won’t Open, Not turning on

It may be version related issue, check if you recently update to the latest version.

If you have you can roll back to the previous version or wait till the developers release the latest version with bug fixing.

Customer Service

This mobile app is designed to record your Every moment. Keep updated with the latest notifications, Emails, and any other Personal reminders.

It helps you to manage your Fitness routine, Keeps your health in check, Helps you to wake up on time, and Monitor your heart rate.

Obviously all this thing, it does not do alone. You also need the Smartband on your Wrist too.

But this helps you to keep a track record of all of your Health, Sleep, and Heart rates in a presentable format.

However, If you face any difficulty, you can always contact the app developer via email –

What do you think about this App? You can share your Opinions, Feedback, reviews, or if you are facing any issues in the comment section.

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  2. My grandson bought me the watch for Christmas. Downloaded the app into my GS4 and it linked up perfectly. When I try that now I just get “Unfortunately Very Fit Pro has stopped”. Rebooted phone, cleared cache, and memory uninstalled and reinstalled and that is all I get.


  3. My bluetooth is on but I am not receiving phone or text notifications. I can touch the phone icon on watch face but it will not turn on and turn green. I have rebooted the phone and turned bluetooth on and off with no positive results..


  4. What a frustrating experience! Spent much time on this poorly operating Ap only to find it will not connect with the phone. The “oxygen thief” that designed this thing should be publicly humiliated.

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