Presence app not working? – Fix “Can’t Connect to Camera” issue

Over the past few years, a significant portion of smartphone users have encountered the Presence app not working errors like “Can’t connect to camera”, “Error connecting to camera”, “unable to monitor” and problems with motion detection in the Presence Video Security Camera mobile application.

These problems are so common within the Presence mobile app, that troubles a large number of users.

This is why it is necessary to understand why it is not working for you and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix these issues.

Presence app Camera issues

Presence App not working

Presence Video Security Camera app, allows you to turn your old Smartphone or Tablet into a security setup in just less than 5 minutes.

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With Presence, you can Monitor, Set alerts, and set their camera screening with other users effortlessly.

Here is the list of main features that this app offers you –

  • Easily monitor your home or office from your phone. You will get the live view from anywhere, anytime.
  • Don’t have time to monitor the whole day? don’t worry this app has an alert facility that informs you when something is happening.
  • Presence live view can be shared with other people, so they can monitor when you can’t.
  • Not just your security camera you can also add Smart plugs, lights, and robotic stands to control your smart home directly from your home.

The presence app is truly useful especially when you need an easy-to-install security system for your home.

Pairing with your security camera and other smart home devices such as Smart plugs, lights, and robotic stands makes it easy to control, manage, and monitor directly from your smartphone.

But the Presence app not working for a large majority of users.

And this article we are going to discuss the exact reasons and troubleshooting steps to fix when your Presence Camera not connecting.

Why Presence app not working for you?

The main reason why you are unable to connect this app to your Security camera is the lack of updates that this app has.

This app is available for Android on the Google Play store and for iPhone on the iOS app store.

For Android, this app was updated a very long time ago – 20 March 2019 (Almost 4 years at the time of writing this article).

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This is the reason it’s not compatible with the newer OS or the Phones which is released after this date.

Lack of updates, coupled with server issues and bugs, glitches in this app caused not working issues for the large majority of users.

This was also the primary reason that this app has a very poor rating on the Android app store.

As for Apple Devices such as the iPhone and iPad, the last update came out in year 2020.

But at least for iOS users, this is working properly, at least to some extent.

How to Fix “Can’t Connect to Camera” and other issues

Considering most of the Presence app not working issues are happening due to lack of updates for newer devices, you can’t permanently fix issues such as “Can’t connect to camera”.

However, there are two simple workaround that you can try to still use this Video Camera security application for monitoring –

Fix #1 Use Older Devices for Camera

As previously mentioned, because the developers have neglected to update this app, it is not compatible with newer Android devices.

Nonetheless, considering its description recommends using it with older devices as security cameras, you can give it a try on such devices.

But you might face issues while monitoring using another device, especially if the phone you are using for the monitor is newer.

Fix #2 Use iOS-based Devices

At the time of writing and publishing this article Presence app is working fine for all of the supported iOS iPhones and iPads.

So if you have an older iPhone or iPad with you that you no longer use, you can set it as a camera.

However, you might still face some issues such as – issues with motion detection, errors while trying to connect the camera, and a few other known bugs and issues.

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Presence App Can’t Connect to the Camera could be a really annoying and frustrating issue especially when it appears constantly.

But by following this simple to follow troubleshooting guide you can easily fix the Presence Camera not working error.

Sometimes this fix might not work for you. This could happen due to glitches or bugs related to the app’s code.

When after trying everything, this Presence app not working for you, you have to contact their customer support.

You can drop an email to their developer via email at – or the support helpline at +18007210210

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