Motosync App not working? – Fix Login Problems and Other Bugs

MotoSync is a mobile application that is used to control o manage your Motorola WiFi router or modem directly by using an Android or iOS smartphone.

But the problem is that – For Apple Smartphones it stopped working after iOS update 17, and as for Android it already had many different glitches, bugs, and issues for a very long time.

In this CnbDaily article, we are going to talk about these issues that make the Motosync app not working on your phone can you fix these issues?

MotoSync Glitches, Bugs and Other Issues

  • Login Problems: Customers are not able to log in to their own accounts. Resetting passwords or creating a new account is not working for some of them either.
  • Stuck at loading: After the user is logged in to their account, sometimes they are not able to get past the loading screen. Sometimes while using it, it works extremely slowly.
  • App locked users out: Some have reported that the app locked them out. They are not able to log in even with the correct password and username. No matter how many times they had tried, it always said “Incorrect password”.
  • Reset Password option not working: This mobile app on both iOS and Android has the option Reset password. But it stopped working, the same as the login option.

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Why is MotoSync not working on my iPhone or Android?

Fix MotoSync App not working error

The main reason why MotoSync is not working 95 percent of the time is due to the app is being optimized properly.

There are multiple issues with this app which bared almost all of the customers from using this app from its intended use – managing and controlling your Motorola network device.

If you have visited its Google Play Store or iOS app store page, you might have noticed tons of negative review, most of which makes its average rating 1.2 on Android and 1.0 on Apple.

If we are somehow able to look beyond these glitches and bugs there are many other issues like “Unable to login “happen consistently.

One user R.J. Webb has commented that he can’t get past the loading screen. He is unable to log in to his own account and resetting the password is not working either.

One other user “Kevin Para” has reported – ” This app was very slow before the last update it was manageable somehow. But now it logged me out and now I can no longer get back in”

Fixing “MotoSync App not working” Errors

You can fix MotoSync not working errors (depending on the issue) by simply force closing the app and re-launching it on your phone.

You could also try cleaning app data and cache or reinstalling the app.

While this will fix some of the temporary issues some of the bigger problems like login problems can’t be by this approach.

Can you fix the MotoSync App?

While some issues caused by either network or mobile devices can be fixed, issues that happen due to major bugs can’t be fixed by the end user.

Only the mobile app developers have the ability to fix such issues.

And the most commonly faced issue with MotoSync right now it a login problem.

This app is locking out its users, even after entering the correct login credentials.

They aren’t even able to reset their password or in some cases create a new account on the app to manage their network device.

So unless the developer, in the future updates works to fix this bug, there is no possible solution or workaround for this issue.

So what’s the Alternative?

MotoSync app offers you a simple setup, guest WiFi share, speed tests, data tracking, and firmware upgrades right from your mobile phone.

While network management mobile applications make life easier, these are relatively new inventions.

Instead of using this, users can use their Network control panel to make any changes in their network.

You can use a Laptop or mobile phone to log in to your WiFi/Broadband control panel and make any changes that you want to make there.

You can find this URL in the User manual that comes with your Router/Modem.

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In this article, we have discussed all of the major issues related to MotoSync and why the MotoSync app might be not working for you.

There are many reasons, but the main problems behind this are the constant bugs, and login glitches are among them.

Moto WiFi users are unable to log in to their account, they are even not able to use the reset password option.

While there are many internal bugs making this app almost impossible to use sometimes little troubleshooting such as – force closing, clearing app cache/data, or re-installing the app usually fix some problem, even tho that is only temporary.

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