AGT Voting App – How to Vote, 2023 Results, S18 Rules & More

Here is how to vote using America’s Got Talent app. You can also vote online from the NBC website too. Following this step-by-step process, you can easily vote with the AGT Voting app.

AGT Voting App

Official America’s Got Talent app is one of the ways you can vote for the show.

This not only allows you to cast your vote but stream exclusive video clips more directly from your phone.

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Here are the features that NBC’s AGT Voting app offers you-

  • You can Vote for your favorite acts during the live episodes.
  • Videos clips are available on this episode which you can stream anytime you want.
  • Not only Video clips, but You can also even learn more information about the show and cast through this app.
  • Users can share their favorite acts on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

How to vote on America’s Got Talent App?

Here is the process that you need to follow to Vote on AGT by Phone

How to Vote on AGT by Phone

  1. First Install AGT App for your phone.
  2. Now you need to create your NBC profile. It is required to access the contents of this app.
  3. Head over to the Vote now section to cast your vote.

Apart from the official mobile application your can also vote using your browser from

Can you vote by phone for AGT?

America’s Got Talent App is a full-featured mobile application that not only allows you to watch NBC’s America got talent but also Watch and Vote.

Yes, you can Vote for your favorite contestant using AGT App.

While voting is open you can cast your vote by following the process explained above.

AGT Voting 2022 Results & Rules

Here are the official voting rules for this season-

  • Please note that Voting lines are open from the start of the show Tuesday and close at 7 am ET on Wednesday.
  • You can vote either by using the official mobile application or online.
  • Saving is open briefly when the show airs during the Eastern/Central timezone on September 7 and will last around 5 minutes.

For the Year 2023, Season 18 of America’s Got talent show finale is scheduled for September 14.

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You can watch live episodes of the Season finale on your TV or using the mobile application.

The results of the fenale will be announced at the same time of course.


How to vote on AGT by Phone number?

For now, there are only two methods are there to vote. You can see it on the official NBC website.

How much does it cost to vote on the AGT Voting app?

Few minutes off course. There is no monetary cost, it’s free for all viewers.

How to vote on AGT tonight?

There are rules on when and how you can vote. You can vote while Voting lines are open, once it is closed you can’t vote until next time.

How to vote on America’s got talent app

Install the AGT app from Google Play Store or iOS app store, set up your NBC Profile, and Look for the Voting option there in the app.

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