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Here in this post, You are Going to Learn About the Voice App. If you are Looking for How to vote on the Voice App 2022, The Voice Vote Tally, The Voice App Download Android, and The Voice Voting online then you are on the Right Place.

the voice vote app

Here you are Going to learn How to Download the voice vote app. If you want to install the Application in your Android mobile Phone then All you have to do is follow the steps that I am going to mention in this post below.

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What is the voice vote App?

The Voice Official App on NBC which in short Known as the Voice App is the Voting Application for the NBC Show the Voice. This is the official Application provided by NBCUniversal Media, LLC however designed for the Sole purpose for the Audience to Vote for their favorite Constentent in the show.

The Audience can vote for their favorite and Save them from Elimination. That’s not All you can Also watch Live on NBC, Listen to songs from the Show.

You can even listen to the songs that performed in the Show, Gethar more information about the Show Performers, Follow them and Much more.

You can Connect the performers via their Social media Accounts such as Twitter, Instagram. The Links of their Social media Accounts also provided in this Application.

For all This, you just Have to download the voice voting 2019.

The voice app download Android or iOS

So if you wish to The Voice App Download for Android and iOS devices then you can install using the following links.

Follow this for Android devices.
Follow this for the iOS Devices.

Once the Application is installed in your Mobile phone then you will be able to Vote on the Voice App 2019 Online.

How to vote on the Voice app 2022

The main purpose of the Application is to provide voting to your favorite content and Help as much you can do.

Download voice vote app
THE VOICE — he Battles, Part 5/The Knockouts Episode 1711 — Pictured: Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift

There are other features as well available inside the Application but the Main reason you Should Download the App is Vote for your Favorite online.

So if you are wondering how to vote on the voice app 2019 then Just Follow along with the steps below.

  1. Once the Application is Downloaded in your mobile Phone then simply Open the App.
  2. On the front page and on the Navigation Drawer as well you can See the Banner/Option to Vote for your Favorite Artist.
  3. Simply tap on that and you will be redirected to the Another Page where you can see the List of All Show participants of the Current season Along with Photos.
  4. Tap on the One who you want to Give your vote.
  5. Finally, Cast you vote.

That’s it. Now your Vote will be Send to the show. The contestant who receives most of the Votes will come out of top mixing with the few other Algorithms of the Show.

How to Check The Voice vote Tally?

Do you want to Check the Voice Vote Tally online then I suggest you to head over the Povortex.Com. This is an Awesome site that provides the Ranking of the Various Thing Including but not Limited to Box office Charts, Best Music, Movies, etc.

Here is How to Check the Vote tally.

  • First, you have to visit this Page. It’s not Official NBC Page but you can See the Voting data there.
  • Once you are on the Page then you can See the Things like Winner of previous Season along with their Coach, Season 17 Teams and the Content who is Eliminated.

Please Note: You will also Be able to receive an update from the Official site and show as well.

How to Cast Vote online?

If you want to Initiate the voice voting online and prefer the Browser instead of Downloading Application in your Mobile Phone.

Yes, You Can Do that as well.

All you have to Do is Head over the Official Website and Follow along. You will be able to cast your vote online using PC, Mobile Browser.

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