Why is 1923 not showing on Paramount Plus or Amazon Prime? and How you can watch it

Harrison Ford’s latest TV show, 1923, is now officially available for streaming on both Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime. However, some subscribers have reported issues where the show is not showing up on either platform. 

In this article, we will explore why certain episodes of 1923 are not available for streaming and how viewers can still watch the show.

1923 is not showing on Amazon Prime or Paramount Plus

1923 is the latest American drama TV series, first premiered on December 18 last year. 

This TV show is a sequel to the show 1883, and recently it has been announced that this show is also coming for a second season, very soon.

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You already know Harrison Ford (I mean who doesn’t), in this series he played Jacob Dutton; who built a ranching empire in Montana in order to save his family.

There are many plotlines and scenes that make this TV show great yet also very hard to watch sometime.

For those who are wondering where they can this TV show If you have Paramount Plus or Amazon prime subscription you can stream it on your Phone, Smart TV, or laptop easily.

However, here we are not about to discuss the review of 1923 but to discuss a problem due to which some of the subscribers on Amazon Prime and Paramount Plus are unable to watch this series.

What we are going to discuss is the issue where 1923 not showing on Amazon Prime or the Paramount plus app.

Most of these subscribers who are having this issue are even unable to find this series in the list of available TV shows.

Few others are able to watch only promotional videos and the first episode.

In short here is what viewers have reported so –

  • Some of the subscribers on Amazon Prime have reported they are unable to find any episode.
  • Paramount Plus subscribers (who are having) this issue can watch only promo videos in some cases only the first episode.
  • Some of the subscribers aren’t even able to stream the first episode and they have no idea why.
  • Some people are fortunate enough to have all the episodes reported daily in availability at the latest episodes.

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Why is 1923 not showing for me?

This was explained from tweets on the official Paramount Plus account that when season 1’s last episode is concluded it is going on Hiatus until season 2 is available.

As I mentioned in this article earlier that recently 1923 renewed for its second season, just like the first season, season 2 will also have 8 episodes.

This update was after the last episode was aired, but Paramount Plus also put the first episode on the break as well.

After some time viewers were able to watch these episodes. 

But in case you missed the whole season, you will not be able to stream it, at least until the second season of 1923 will come out.

So if you wondering “why is 1923 taking a break?”, it was because the paramount+ team has decided to do so.

You can read the whole news on Countryliving news article here.

So How to Watch 1923 right now?

Paramount Plus’ show 1923 takes too many breaks already during its streaming and they have also decided that the show will be officially on Hiatus until season 2 will come out.

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It means that as a Paramount Plus or Prime subscriber, you won’t be able to stream this show till 1923 season 2 is released.

So no, you can’t watch 1923 right now, at least officially.

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