How to Fix Disney+ Hotstar Not Working in Canada

Is Disney+ Hotstar Not Working in Canada? This guide focuses on Why this is not working, How you can access and Signup for a Hotstar Canada account, and steps to resolve the not working issue for both its app and mobile version.

How to Fix Disney+ Hotstar Not Working in Canada

Fix Disney+ Hotstar not working in Canada

Disney+ Hotstar is provide streaming content for Indian customers.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t access the Hotstar app outside India. Sure you can access the Disney Plus Hotstar app in a few other selected countries.

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Other than Indian viewers, customers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand whereas Hotstar is only available in Canada, the UK, and Singapore can also enjoy Disney+ Hotstar services

And one of these countries is Canada (Which is another country where most Indian lives).

Other than those countries where Hotstar services are available to access, these videos you must be using an Indian VPN since using this app outside India is not allowed.

There is a few other things you should remember too –

  • You can access the free version which doesn’t require you to have an active subscription.
  • If you want to watch premium content you must have an Indian Credit card or any other Indian payment method to pay for subscription charges.
  • The mobile number that you are going to link should be Indian.
  • Hotstar might also detect VPN and it could block you from accessing websites or applications.

How can I Access and Signup Hotstar App in Canada?

Fortunately, if you are in Canada, you don’t need to use VPN or any other method to bypass restrictions since this service is available in your country. To access it You simply need to head over to – using your web browser.

You can also download the app from either the play store or Google play store for your iOS or Android smartphones.

Other than a few content restrictions, the only difference you will see between the Canadian and Indian versions is payment methods.

You can subscribe for premium services too whenever you want to enjoy Disney Plus content and live sports event available.

Heading over to the subscription page or hitting the login link on the top right screen of the computer will allow you to register for a new Disney Plus Hotstart account.

How to Fix Hotstar App not working In Canada?

If for some reason Hotstar App not working In Canada the troubleshooting steps to fix errors are the same as solving Hotstar App not working.

You just need to make sure that there is no outgoing service outage, VPN running in the background, cookies issue, unsupported version, or compatibility issues between the app and device.

In more detail, here is What you need to do when Disney+ Hotstar Not Working in Canada

  1. First Check for any ongoing server outage in the last 24 hours or so. Server outages can cause trouble watching content online.
  2. Ensure the problem is not with the network. Buffering, too much loading time, and strange error codes is an indication of slow internet.
  3. Ensure the Hotstar app is compatible with your device. Compatible issues are common with older devices and more so in Smart TVs.
  4. If you accessing Hotstar Canada on your web browser make sure there is no VPN or third-party extensions are causing any issues.
  5. Clearing app cache & data on phone and Clear history & cache or web browser potentially fix some temporary issues.

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So now you know that Disney+ Hotstar is available in countries other than India, such as Canada, UK, and Singapore.

And in order o access the app in Canada, users can visit the official website or download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store just like you should in India.

Viewser can have issues such as server outages, slow internet, compatibility issues, and VPN problems which can be fixed by checking server outages, ensuring internet connectivity, checking device compatibility, and clearing app cache and data or web browser cache and history.

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