Fix: VLC Player Not Working on Firestick? – Full Guide

VLC Player not Working on Firestick is one of the most common errors that Amazon Fire TV users face.

VLC is one the most installed video player applications not only for your Android phone but for Computers as well.

Being an open-source software this has become one of the most trusted applications all around the world.

VLC Media player is a universal offline media player that can be installed on your laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, and smart TV.

The architecture of Amazon Fire TV isn’t very different from Smart TV so the application that works for Android TV works fine on Fire Stick.

But for some users, this isn’t the case.

Some of the Fire TV users recently reported that – the VLC Player not working on Firestick for them.

In this guide, we will deep dive into this issue and provide you with step-by-step actionable steps that help you solve Fire Stick VLC media player issues.

How to Fix VLC Player not working on Firestick?

Fix VLC player not working on Firestick

VLC Media Player is one of the most used video players which is used across almost any available platform.

It is a versatile media player application that supports almost every device that can play video including your Amazon FireTV.

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It supports your Amazon streaming device, doesn’t mean it will work all the time.

There are some instances where users are not able to play videos, are unable to access shared folders, or straight up not working.

Here is the step-by-step troubleshooting guide that while helps you fix these VLC app not working on Firestick issues –

Install the right APK File via Sideloading

There are two ways you can install VLC on FireStick – the first is using the inbuilt app store and the second is by sideloading the VLC app.

While if installed from the app store it works fine sometimes, users do install it from the internet.

If you have downloaded APK which is not compatible it will simply not work.

To download the proper app look for “VLC for Android (Android TV)” instead of searching just the VLC app.

The Android TV version is very different from the Android phone version.

The smartphone version of this app would simply not work on Firestick.

Check for Available Memory and Storage

Firestick being a streaming device doesn’t come with lots of storage like a smartphone or computer does.

Here you have only limited storage and sometimes it becomes really hard, really quick to manage files there.

Every app that you install and run, might hinder the perfomance of your streaming device.

So just make sure that you are not running out of storage and all the running app is not eating away the RAM.

Simply rebooting your Firestick might fix any temporary memory issue.

Provide permissions to access your files & folders

VLC player also require file and folder access permission to be able to play any multimedia files.

It asks for all the permissions during the installation. Give all the permission during installation and it will work fine.

Update the VLC Media player

Another reason why it might be not working could be because you are using the older version which is no longer supported on your device.

Just head over to the app store of your choice and install the latest available version.

Update your Fire OS

Not updating your Fire Tv to the latest version will cause lots of undesired bugs, glitches, and issues.

If you have not updated for a long time, just update to the latest version available, when update dialogue does pop up.

Register a Bug or Ask for support

When none of the steps work, chances are high that the error could be the result of a bug in the app itself.

When this happens you have two options – report the bug, so developers will address the issue in the next update, or ask for support on the Videolan forum for any potential workaround.

In case you have to visit to access any support options.

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So that’s how to Fix the VLC player not working on Firestick.

We have learned that in order to fix some of the most known bugs you have to make sure to – Download the right app version, check compatibility, update your OS, Update the app, provide the required permission, and make sure that the files you are trying to play are supported.

Furthermore, if none of the steps help you fix the problem you can report it as a bug and ask for support on the official Videolan Support page.

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