Cinemark App not working? – Fix Login, Crashing, Booking Issues

This full step-by-step troubleshooting guide is all about How can you fix the Cinemark app not working errors. If you are experiencing technical glitches with the Cinemark Theatres app; Whether it’s a problem with loading, login, crashing, booking, checkout, unexpected errors, or simply the app not working at all, this article will help you resolve the issue.

Here in this guide, we are going to talk about how to fix those issues, at least most of them.

How to Fix Cinemark App not working issue?

Cinemark app not working

The Cinemark Theatres app is not only there for your to have easy access to showtimes, and movie info but using this app you can book tickets, and reserve seats in advance.

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Cinemark is an online ticket-booking app that you can use to browse movie theatres and book tickets.

You can reserve your seats from all of the available seats be that may be simple seats or comfortable luxury loungers recliners.

Here is the list of a few features that you will like:

  • Browse from the list of your favorite theatres, and movies.
  • Easily reserve seats for the next movie that you are going to watch.
  • Exclusive rewards for using this app.
  • You can book a ticket in advance.

Cinemark theatres are amazing apps for booking movie tickets online.

But there is an issue users are facing.

So if you are also having the Cinemark app not working error on your Android or iOS phone then you are in the right place.

The Cinemark app not letting me log in

Before booking your movie ticket, before browsing through the list of theatres basically before doing anything you have to login into this app.

If you are a new user you have to Sign up for a new account.

Once you are registered you can log in and book your next movie ticket online.

But sometimes, some users face login-related issues.

If you are not able to login into your account, Here are the troubleshooting steps you can try.

  1. First, Make sure your Login credentials are correct.
  2. If you are not sure about your password you can reset your password easily.
  3. Supposing that you are entering the right password and still can’t log in it could be due to Bug, Server issue, or OS problem.
  4. Make sure that both your OS and App are updated to the latest version.
  5. Clear the app cache & data, reboot your phone and try login in again.

Also, confirm that there is no server outage going on.

You can check that by visiting the Cinemark website using your browser.

Why Cinemark website not working

Cinemark.Com is the official website of Cinemark Theatres.

Just like the mobile app, you can also book your movie tickets online from the website.

However, may not work for some of those reasons:

  • Just Like the app, Cinemark.Com does not work if you are accessing the site from other countries.
  • They block access to anyone other than non-North American IP address. You will access denied message.
  • In Case you are living in North America make sure that you are not accessing sites using any VPN or proxy.

App not Loading, Crashing, or Unexpected Error

If you are having the following issues:

  • The app is crashing randomly while you are using this app.
  • Cinemark is crashing on startup giving you the message “Unexpected Error occurred”.
  • The content of the app is not loading or rather loading very slowly.

You can follow this fix to troubleshoot Slow loading, Crashing, and Unexpected errors:

  1. First, if there is an update, Update this app to the latest version.
  2. Confirm that you can access Cinemark.Com. If it shows access denied, it means you are outside the service area or you are using VPN. Turn off the VPN in case of VPN.
  3. To confirm the issue is not related to your network, try switching to another network.
  4. Tap and hold the Cinemark app icon till you set the option. Choose to clear out the app cache and data. Option may be labeled differently on your Phone.
  5. Reboot the phone and try opening the app again.

It may fix issues most of the time, but not every time.

If that does not work you should contact the app developer at – or the official Twitter handle at – @cinemark.

I Can’t book Ticket, Error picking seats, and Checkout Issues

The following errors are not specific to your device, but they are kinda known bugs:

  • Can’t book the movie ticket.
  • Error while picking seats.
  • Can’t checkout.
  • Loading error, Unexpected error while loading the app.

If you are having those issues, you are not alone.

Usually, errors appear when the user tries to pick seats.

What you can do is close the app, close all its instances, and after a few seconds open it again.

Now trying picking a seat again but a different one this time.

Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in upcoming versions.

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Contact Cinemark Support

If nothing works all that is left to do is contact customer support.

In case the app not working they generally guide you to uninstall, reinstall, or clear app cache and data.

That would work if the problem is with your device not with the app itself.

If a problem appears due to a bug or glitch nothing can be done at least till developers address the issue in the next update.

However, if your issue is related to payment, trouble booking in, refund, or something along these lines you can contact customer support.

  • Mail Customer support:
  • Official contact page:


Why is the Cinemark app not working?

The server-related problem, network issue, device incompatibility, glitch, bugs, and due to some other reasons app may not works properly.

Is the Cinemark app down?

The current status of service is only confirmed with the developers themselves. If you are having difficulty while using this app you can reach the official Cinemark Twitter page @Cinemark, and ask them about it.

What is wrong with Cinemark Website?

Cinemark blocks access to their website from non-North American IP addresses from accessing their website. So if you are accessing the website from anywhere else you will see an access denied message.

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