Fix: Apple Carplay Not working when Phone Plugged In

Apple Carplay is one of the most sophisticated systems developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone users too seamlessly integrate technology into the driving experience.

Carplay does permit you to access features like phone integration, Siri integration, third-party apps, car controls, and other elements of your car infotainment.

There are two ways you can integrate Carplay with your automobile – with a wireless method using Bluetooth or by using a compatible USB wire.

However, recently some users have been having trouble using Carplay using a USB cable.

In this article, we are going into more detail about why your Apple Carplay not working when the phone is plugged in and How to Turn on Carplay using USB.

Why is my Apple CarPlay not working when the phone is plugged in?

Fix Apple Carplay Not working when Phone Plugged In

As you may already be aware, there are essentially two methods for integrating CarPlay with your vehicle: the wireless approach via Bluetooth or the wired approach with the use of a compatible USB cable.

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With a compatible infotainment system, users just need to connect their iPhone to the USB socket and it will turn on when the initial setup is done properly.

However, there are instances where connecting a USB cable to your car serves only to charge your phone.

This might be transpiring due to one of the following reasons –

  • The USB cable that you are using to connect, might be not compatible for data transfer.
  • The CarPlay app could be restricted on your iPhone, to resume using this feature you’ll need to remove the restrictions.
  • Perhaps you are inserting a USB to the wrong socket. Check that the USB socket of the car’s system is compatible with the wired approach of carplay.

How to Fix Apple Carplay Not working when Phone Plugged In

Keeping all the reason why Carplay not working with a USB cable here are the troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix it –

Check the Compatibility of USB Cable

Not every USB cable that you use is compatible.

For example, some USB cables are usually only intended for charging your device not transfering data.

Ensure that the USB cable you are using is compatible with the transfer data required for the Carplay function to work.

Check the compatibility of your Car’s System

iPhone users who have a compatible infotainment system installed on their vehicle can enjoy the features offered.

But again, not all infotainment systems are compatible.

Make sure that your card is equipped with a compatible infotainment system for Apple Carplay to work.

Furthermore, not every car does support CarPlay with USB.

If your car has a USB port labeled with a Carplay icon, you are good to go. Otherwise, it might be not compatible.

Make sure CarPlay isn’t restricted on your iPhone

When an app is restricted, it will not work properly.

Make sure that CarPlay isn’t restricted by heading over to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy restriction and make sure Carplay is in the allowed apps list.

Furthermore from Settings > General > Carplay > Tap on your car and Toggle on to Allow Carplay while locked.

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How Do I Turn on CarPlay when Plugged In?

If you have followed through with the Initial setup you just need to connect your iPhone. The app will pop up, make sure that the Internet is connected and Siri is turned on as well.

Why is my iPhone Charging but CarPlay not working?

Incompatible USB cable or noncompatible USB Socket could be the reason. Also, not all vehicles support the wired method. Refer to your car manual for more information.

How do I use Apple CarPlay through USB?

When properly connected, you can command Siri to utilize your car’s infotainment system and control various car functions using your phone.

Will USB to USB C work for CarPlay?

Cars that do support the wired method to connect carplay require a USB-A to USB-C cable. Furthermore, you have to ensure that the cable you’ll get is supported for data transmission.


In conclusion, Apple CarPlay not working when plugged in may result from an incompatible USB cable, an unsuitable socket, or a car’s infotainment system not supporting the wired approach.

Any of these factors can contribute to the issue.

Nevertheless, troubleshooting steps such as replacing the cable, verifying car support for wired CarPlay, and ensuring the app is unrestricted on the iPhone can effectively address and resolve the problem.

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