Doordash Gift Card not Working? – Fix Loading, Credits & Redeem

This guide explains what troubleshooting you can do to fix when your Doordash Gift card not working or your Gift card balance isn’t loading and you are unable to redeem the code due to some unknown reasons.

When you redeem your DoorDash gift card code, it will be applied automatically to your next order. This way you can enjoy a product at a lower rate but when you have a code and you are unable to use it?

That is sort of what is happening lately with lots of dashers where their Doordash Gift Card is not working and they can’t pinpoint the exact reasons behind this issue.

If you are having the same issue while trying to redeem the code or having the problem where the gift card balance isn’t loading, this article is for you.

Issues with Doordash Gift Cards

How to Fix DoorDash gift Card not working

Hopefully, you have already read our previous article Doordash app not working and Doordash fast pay not working where we talked about how to fix common Doordash app-related issues and What can you do to troubleshoot Doordash Fastpay, not working errors.

And it seems like there is another issue that is bugging customers a lot lately and which is Doordash Gift Card not working.

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DoorDash Gift Cards (not to be confused with rewards) are useful to purchase a product on the official website -Doordash.Com or the mobile application.

At least that’s what happens under normal circumstances.

But for a few of the customers “DoorDash Gift card not working”.

If you are having the same issue, you can use this article as a troubleshooting guide to solve the reward not working issue and identify the root cause of why you are suddenly unable to redeem your Gift card.

Why isn’t my DoorDash Gift Card working?

When your DoorDash card code not working it would be due to numerous different reasons including an invalid code, a passed expiry date, a server bug, and a few other less-known reasons.

The exact reason might be displayed on your screen to you while you try to redeem the Doordash gift card code online or not, depending on the type of error.

When your DoorDash Gift card won’t work it’ll likely happen due to one of the following reasons –

Invalid Gift card code

The most common reason why the Doordash Gift card won’t work for many users perhaps they might have entered the wrong gift card code.

Mistakes happen, check your gift card code again and enter it again.

This is especially true when you are seeing errors like “Invalid code” or something similar.

Bug in the Doordash App

There is a possibility that your Gift card balance isn’t showing due to some kind of strange bug in the app itself.

If you doubt this is the case you can check the guide to Fix DoorDash app not working issue for more information on this topic.

The gift card is already redeemed

Another possibility is you or any other person might already use that Gift card in the past.

When the gift card is already used by any person, you will simply not be able to redeem and load credits to your account.

Temporary server glitch

Server glitches, outages, and maintenance are common for any website or mobile application.

If you are having trouble loading your reward balance, and gift card credits or are unable to use them; a server outage could be one of the possible culprits.

How Can I fix Doordash Gift Card not working issue?

Simply checking your gift card expiry date, and ensuring there is no server issue will minimize and solve the Doordash Gift card not working issue most of the time.

But not every time do this issue happens due to the reason known to the dasher, which makes it a little bit harder to troubleshoot.

But you can still Fix DoorDash Gift card-related errors by following this step-by-step troubleshooting guide according to the nature of the error –

Fix Unable to Redeem your Gift Card Credits

Here is what you can do when you are unable to redeem a Gift card on the mobile app or website –

  1. First Recheck the Gift card code that you are entering. If you are copy-pasting code as it is, make sure there is no typo or space to make the code invalid.
  2. Only the cards that are not past their expiry date can be redeemed. Be sure to check the date and confirm that it’s not past the expiry date.
  3. Sometimes server outages, temporary glitches, or bugs might cause some trouble during redeeming your gift card. If this is the case force close the app and retries after some time.

Fix when Your Doordash Gift Card balance isn’t loading

You can fix the Gift card balance not loading error generally by troubleshooting a weak internet connection, clearing the app cache or data, or trying to check the balance on another device.

Here is the step-by-step guide to resolve when the balance isn’t loading for you –

  1. First force close the app and retry it might fix the issue and you will be able to check your DoorDash Gift Card balance.
  2. When retrying does not work try clearing the app cache and data. You can do it by tapping and holding the app icon > storage > clear app data and cache.
  3. Another thing that you can try is to use different devices. In case if you are trying to load on your browser, try another browser instead.
  4. Check for any ongoing issues. Server errors are common and are the root cause of some of the most unexpected errors.
  5. Contact support when nothing works. They will able to help you further if this issue is going on for a longer period of time.

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Fix when you Can’t apply Gift card credits to your Order

When you can’t apply your available credits to an order that you trying to place, it could be due to the ineligibility of that order, expired credits. Checking that your order is eligible to use Gift card credits may help to resolve this issue generally.

So in detail here is what you need to do –

Ensure eligibility of order

Some of the products are simply not eligible to use Doordash Gift cards. Just check the terms and conditions of gift card credits and the order you are trying to place.

Check that credits did not expire

Gift card credits do expire, if you are not seeing credits or it is not applied automatically this is also a possibility.

Check your available gift card credits and ensure it’s not expired.

Try another product

Is Gift card credits not working with the particular products? try with other products instead.

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