Moneycontrol App Review: How to use, Set alerts, Virtual Trading, Portfolio

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Here in this post, I am Going to share the MoneyControl App review. This is a Stock Analysis App that not only offers you a feature to build your virtual portfolio but sets alerts, creates watchlists, virtual trading, and more.

Moneycontrol Portfolio App Review

Moneycontrol App How to use, Set alerts, Virtual Trading, Portfolio

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Anyone who is a trader and investor in India at least heard of MoneyControl.Com. This is one of the best stock analysis, research, and portfolio portals available for traders.

The Website not only offers you Live alerts, financial event information, Stock price tracking feature but the news from the market right on your computer screen.

This website is completely dedicated to investing, trading, and other financial instruments.

The Mobile App is available, having almost all of the features, which is available in the web version.

Here we are not going to talk about the Website but the mobile version – The Money Control App.

Here I am going to provide you honest Moneycontrol App review.

Here is the featues that is offered in this App free version for you-

  • Portfolio Tools: Build your own virtual portfolio and keep track of prices live from the app without ever buying any single stock. This tools will be helpful to keep track of ups and downs of particular stock so will be able to decide when is the right time to buy a stock or sell it.
  • Stock Market News: Keep updated with the latest news which directly or indirectly affects NIFTY, SENSEX, and the financial market.
  • Technical Analysis: Analyze any available Stock, ETF, or Mutual funds based on their historical records and past performance. Graphs and Charts available for you to make your own research on Price and volume movement. Offers technical indicators on a Daily, Weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Fundamental Analysis: All of the Data that you need to perform the fundamental analysis is available right inside this Application. You will not only gain information about all the diffrent ratios but SWOT analysis, Current trend, Past returns, Earning information, Lates news regarding the share, and so on.
  • Other features: Not only useful for Stocks but also for ETF, Mutual funds, Correncies, Commodities, and other financial intruments that help you to build your wealth.

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How to install Moneycontrol?

Follow this process to Moneycontrol App Download for Windows 7/8/10 PC, MAC or Android Smartphone & iOS iPhone, iPad-

  1. First head over to the App store as per your phone’s Operating System – For Android || For iOS.
  2. There on the App store Download page, Click on install to install.
  3. Wait till installed on your phone.
  4. Open the App when it Downloaded and log in or signup for a new account.

Now you can start using this Stock tracking App for Tracking price movement, stock analysis, and research.

How to use Moneycontrol App?

The uses of this Market informative app is completely depending on the purpose that you want to use it for.

Of course, you can’t buy or sell from this App but what you can do is perform your own research to find the perfect financial instrument to gain wealth.

This Application, as well as the website, provides you almost all of the usefull information in both of Technical and fundental analsis field.

Here is a video from the Information Technology Centre YouTube Channel which guides you about basic uses of this App in Hindi-

How to Buy Shares/Sell Stock in Moneycontrol App

This isn’t the Stock Trading App, it’s price tracking application which allows you to analyze or track of any share, etf, mutual fund, currencies or commodity.

All you can do it here is Add the stock to your watchlist or virtual portfolio to keep track of it.

How to set Alerts

You can set alerts in this App to track movement in any of the available financial instruments.

To set alerts first you have to search for the stock for whom you want to set alerts.

Once you found it, click on it, and on the Analysis page, Topside you will see the bell icon.

You can use that bell icon to set alerts.

Moneycontrol Pro Version

Moneycontrol Pro version is available as in the subscription format.

If you want to use the premium features that this Stock Analysis App has to offer then you have to subscribe to the Pro.

Depend on the term that you want to subscribe the Subcriptions feed will be from 99 INR per month, 289 per three month and 999 rupees per year in India.

Outside India this price will be $1.40 for a month, $4.09 for 3 months,s and $14.13 for an annual subscription.

The pro version offered Ad-Free experiance, Personlized new, Insight, Analysis & Trends, Ideas for profit, and Technical Analysis by professional traders & Chartist.

Moneycontrol virtual trading App

Moneycontro’s Money Bhai is a Virtual trading web application or you can call it a Virtual Trading Game.

This Virtual Trading Application allows the beginner investors for get confident in trading without investing any money.

In this Moneycontrol virtual trading App you will trade with virtual money and learns the basis of the Investments and trading by practicals.

Here is How to Start with MoneyBhai-

  1. First head over to using your web browser.
  2. Click on continue button to follow the direction.
  3. Here not only the stock but you can trade virtually in Mutual funds, bonds, and fixed deposits too.
  4. Enter the Name of the first stocks that you want to trade and choose cash for investment or intraday for day trading.
  5. Hit the buy button which is right next to it.
  6. Enter Quantity and other information.
  7. Signup for the new account.

Now you can Trade virtualy without using real money. Rememeber that the profit you’ll earn will be also virtual, hence it will just for fun and learning purpose.

You will not gain any financial gain from it.

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