Britbox App not working? – Fix Loading, Videos, Crashing & Server

This guide addresses the Britbox app not working or other errors while using the Britbox app on your Android, iOS, Smart TV, Firestick, or Roku.

Britbox App not working?

Britbox app offers content directly from BBC & ITV.

It is available for Android, iOS, Smart TV, and Streaming devices such as Firestick and Roku.

This application offers you the following list of features:

  • Choose the show you want ot watch from catgories like classic mysteries, comedies, dramas, documentaries, lifestyle and more.
  • Access Britbox Originals, avaiable exclusively for the subscribers.
  • No commitment you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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However, This app is good for streaming your favorite content some users are having issues while using this app.

If Britbox App not working for you, and you wanna know how to fix those errors you are on the right page.

Why is Britbox app not working today?

Here are some of the known reasons Why Britbox not working today for you:

  • Britbox server might be down. Check on the official support page that they are having any server related issues.
  • Using the older version of the app might couse the issue.
  • Network related problem is very common, your internet might be culprit behind the error.
  • Issue could be related to the devices. You phone/TV/Streaming device memory/storage may be fool.
  • Bugs and glitches are very common. While some users enjoy unintorreptued streaming other may face serious issues.

How to Fix Britbox App not working [For Most Cases]

The solution to the error you are having depends on the error itself.

However, for the majority of cases like crashing, not opening, not loading, slow loading, buffering, white screen error following this troubleshooting guide might help:

Follow the error code

Take a look at the error code you are getting while the app is having trouble.

Chances are most of the time error itself provides you information about how to resolve the issue.

Restart the App

Sometimes you don’t get the error code shown. The App itself crashes, does not open, takes too much time to load.

In that case Exit the app, close all instances of this app, and open Britbox in any of the available browsers.

Now try restarting the app.

Restart your modem/router/device

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the app at all, it could be your internet connection.

Check your internet speed and make sure you are getting the proper speed.

You can also try rebooting your modem router and device in case the problem is network-related.

Check for server outage

Check that there is no BritBox server outage.

You can check if the BritBox server is down by visiting this link.

If there is, you have to wait until the issue is fixed.

Reset/Update Britbox App

Make sure that your Britbox App is updated to the latest version available.

You can update the app by heading over to the app store on your device and taping the update button.

The issue can be also caused by corrupted app data or cache.

You can clear the Britbox app cache and data easily.

Contact Customer support

If nothing works you can try dropping a mail to Britbox customer support at

Britbox not playing videos

If you are having issues such as “this content is not currently available on this device”, “media resolution failed” or a “manifest” this could be due to an older version.

Update this app to the latest version available.

But in case you are using the latest version, Try loading other videos.

If none of the videos load you try resetting the app.

But if does videos load it might be a bug or glitch in-app.

In that case, you can reach out to developers and inform them about the issue.

Britbox not currently available in your country

The reason behind the error is simple this app does not provide services in the country where you are living.

This app offers the ultimate collection from British TV and the targeted audience is the one who is living in Britain.

While it might offer services in other regions, it is not available in every country.

If you are having issues even you are living in the targeted geolocation make sure that the right region is set in your device setting.

Also, check that there is no VPN running while using this app.

Britbox Customer support to register complaints

Users who are having any issue with the Britbox can register complaints in one of the following ways:

However, before contacting customer support make sure the problem is with the app itself not with your device.

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How can I update the Britbox app?

You can update the Britbox app by tapping on the update button on its app store page.

Why is Britbox not working on Firestick?

This app is available for Firestick and Firetv users. If it is not working then make sure to Try exiting and re-opening the app.

Why is my Britbox app not working on LG TV?

LG SmartTVs from 2016 or newer and requires minimum WebOS version 3 or higher. Check your TV model and make sure it is compatible with the app.

Why is Britbox not loading on My Roku?

You can reset the app on your Roku by removing the channel from the Roku home screen, restarting your device, then installing the channel again.

Is the Britbox App not working on my Samsung TV?

This online streaming application requires at least Tizen 2.3 to works also Samsun TVs that launched after 2016 would work.

How do I fix BritBox by BBC & ITV not working on Apple TV?

Try resetting the app, log in again, and see if that fixes the problem for you.

Is There a Problem with Britbox right now?

You can check if is there a problem with the Britbox server right now by heading over to the support page. Here is the direct link.

Why I can’t find Britbox on Samsung TV?

You can find this application on the Samsung app store. Application is not available for all regions so make sure that the right region is selected in the settings.

Why won’t Britbox play on my TV?

It may not play on your Smart TV due to compatibility and other issues. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned here and you will be able to fix most of the errors.

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