How to Fix Motortrend App not working Error

Is Motortrend App not working on your Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku & Smart TVs? Here I’ll show you how to tackle Subscription, Crashing, Not opening, Video Buffering, Skipping, Content not available and request failed errors.

Motortrend App not working on Android/iOS phones

MotorTrend App not working

MotorTrend is the online streaming app that offers you thousands and thousands of hours of content exclusive for Gearheads.

This application is designed for the Automobile enthusiast who loves cars and motorsports.

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Using this online streaming app you can stream hit series, live events, motorsports, and more on your phone or smart tv.

While this app is pretty amazing, some users may face Motortrend App, not working errors.

If you are having any issues while using this app this post is for you.

Motortrend Content not available Error

You may see the video is an unavailable or content not available error on particular one video or page rather than the whole application.

This error appears one of the following reasons:

  • Due to time out, which appear when your internet connection is too slow.
  • There are some problem going on the Motor Trend server and server is down or under maintance.
  • Content/Video might be not available in your Region.

Check your internet speed and try again.

If this problem persists continuously you can reach out to customer support.

Motor Trend Subscription not working?

Once you subscribed to the Motor Trend account you can watch all of the available content.

Sometimes users may not even be able to see premium content even if they logged in using the active account.

This problem usually occurs if the app gets out of sync.

However, you can easily fix it by restoring your purchase.

Here is How to restore your subscription:

  1. First Log out of your Motor Trend account.
  2. Force stop this application. Clearn Data and App cache.
  3. Unistall Motor Trend App from your device.
  4. Reboot your Device.
  5. Reinstall this application from the app store.
  6. Open app hit the “Try 14 Days free” Option. This will restore your previous purchase and YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPURCHASE THERE.

MotorTrend App is buffering too Much

Video Buffering is either caused by a slow video host server or a Slow internet network.

If you are having trouble while watching the video, in most cases your network might be slow.

What you can do is check your internet speed.

You can do that by websites like Fast.Com.

Also, you can adjust video quality accordingly.

MotorTrend app request Failed error

Request failed error or any similar error appears either due to your network connection or some kind of server-related issue.

The Good news about this is, these kinds of issues are not permanent and are usually resolved once fixed.

If this error appears due to weak internet you can try switching to another network.

But in case it appears due to Server down, Glitch, or bug you have to wait till developers fix it.

MotorTrend is not working after Update

There are some users who are having issues with their Phone/TV/TV-Connected device after updating this app to the latest version.

In the majority of cases, they are experiencing problems like applications automatically forcing close or logged out users.

IF you are having this issue following this process might help:

  1. First thing you have to do it Clear out app data & cache.
  2. Now unistall Motorwind app and reboot your device.
  3. Install the app again from the app store or authorized sources.
  4. Login using your account.
  5. If the app doesn’t recognize your subscription, you may need to restore your purchase.

You can find more information on this issue on MotorTrendOnDemand help Page.

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MotorTrend not working on Android TVs

This application is available for Android, iOS Smart Televisions, Hence Smart TV users also face not working issues.

Here is how you can Fix App not working problem on your Streaming device or Smart TV:

Motortrend app not working on Firestick

You can Install the Motortrend app on your Amazon Firestick.

For the Amazon Fire TV, you need Version 5.0.1345 also your device should be FireTV 2nd generation or above.

Make sure both device and app are compatible.

For the Amazon Fire TV if the app is not working the well first thing you can do is try clearing the app cache and data.

To do this head over to the Settings > Apps > Manage All and find MotorTrend from the list of applications.

Click on Clear cache and data.

Once it has been done you can restart the app.

Motortrend app not working on Roku

MotorTrend TV app is available for Roku.

On Roku usually face errors like app auto shut down, crashing, logged out or simply can’t be open.

It may be due to compatibility issues, However, sometimes users may face this kind of problem even it was working fine previously for a long time.

Just in case your Motor Trend is not working on your Roku, Here is what you can try to fix:

  1. First Unistall the app from your device.
  2. Now Make sure Home is selected in the main menu.
  3. With your remote control press:
    • Home – 5 Times.
    • Up.
    • Rewind – twice.
    • Fast Forward – twice.
  4. It would take little bit of time.
  5. Once it starts reinstall the app try login again.

Motortrend app not working on Samsung TV

Samsung TV MotorTrend lite app is available for Compatible smart TVs.

If your Samsung Smart TV is compatible with this application you can stream the content easily.

Most of the time and for most of the compatible Samsung TV models, this app comes preinstalled.

However, In case it is not installed you can install this application from the Samsung app store.

But it doesn’t mean this app support all of the Samsung Smart Tv.

It is also possible that it may be working on your TV in the past and no longer works.

The reason for this is simply that the compatibility of the app has been changed.

If your device is not compatible you can no longer use this app.

You can check app compatibility on the app store page.

Motortrend not working on Apple TV, Sony or other TVs

As mentioned earlier that this app may not be compatible with every Android Smart TV.

That is the reason why you depending on the TV brand and model you are using may not see the Install option on the app store.

Most of the time errors appear on the Older Television sets.

Older TV generally used the older version of the mobile application which is no longer updatable.

In that kind of case, you can do nothing unless there your TV Brand offers you constant updates.

Here are a few things you can do if MotorTrend App not working on Android Smart TV:

  1. Check the App compatiblitity, You can check it on official download page under “Requires Android” section.
  2. If your Smart TV has higher Android OS than that then congrats this app should works for you but if not it no longer support your TV OS.
  3. Try Clearing out Cache & app data, Reboot phone and Re-Login in your account.
  4. If this error going on only very recently check if there is server outage, If there is all you need to do is wait till the issue is fixed.

If nothing works you can contact Customer support via mail and demand answers or register a complaint.

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How to Cancel Motortrend app subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by navigating to your Account > Manage > Account profile page. You would receive an email to confirm cancellation. Once the subscription is canceled money won’t be charged, but you can still enjoy the premium content you paid for till the end of the billing period.

How do I get the Motortrend app on my TV?

You can head over to the app store available on your Smart TV and install the app from there. Alternatively, you can also download the APK files and send them to your streaming device.

Is Motortrend App free?

MotorTrend is free to download on your Smartphone and Streaming devices but this isn’t exactly free to use. You need to Activate your subscription to enjoy this app content. However, you can Activate your 7-days free trial if you are a new user.

Can I get MotorTrend on Roku?

Yes, you can get this app on Roku. Using this application your can stream your favorite Stream Car Shows on your Roku device.

How do I get MotorTrend App on my Samsung Smart TV?

There is a Lite version that works on Samsung TVs. Usually, this comes preinstalled but if not you can get the Samsung TV MotorTrend lite app manually from the app store.

Do you have to Pay for MotorTrend App?

Yes, In case you want to stream available content on this app you require an active subscription.

Can I get MotorTrend on Amazon Prime?

SVOD/OTT service is now available through Amazon Prime. You can subscribe to this as Add-On Subscription on Amazon Prime.

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