War thunder not working? – Fix all Errors/Glitches/Bugs 2024

Is the War Thunder game not Working? at or it simply stuck and stopped responding? you might have a particular glitch or bug which is throwing errors such as “unable to connect to server” or Internal server error. No matter what issue you are having with this game if you’re having any issue related to this game for some reason this simple troubleshooting guide will you fix these issues.

How to Fix Various War Thunder not working issues

Fix War Thunder not working

There is many vehicular combat multiplayer online video game available and War Thunder is one of these free-to-play game available which you access for free and install on your gaming computer.

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This is a cross-platform game that you can access on almost any major gaming platform including but not limited to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

As you, no doubt already know that this is originally was developed as the flight simulator and later updated to its current format as it right now.

But there are not going to talk about what this game is and how it works but How to Fix War Thunder not working Issues/Errors/Glitches and Bugs if this game is not responding as it is supposed to be.

Here are various common War Thunder errors and How you can troubleshoot each of these –

Fix when War Thunder won’t launch

War Thunder not Launching After Pressing Play problem is one of the most common errors that occur for a large number of players.

This error can happen to anyone due to various reasons such as incompatible hardware, missing administrator privilege, corrupted cache data, conflicting third-party services, or antivirus conflicts.

And really hard to identify the exact reason why it is happening to you, however, you can easily fix War Thunder not launching error by following these troubleshooting steps –

  1. First Check system requirements to ensure your Gaming hardware meets the minimum specifications required for this game. You can check this information on its Steam page.
  2. Make sure that you have granted the administrative privilege on this game’s launcher.
  3. If that doesn’t fix the problem you can try to verify the integrity of game files to fix corrupted or missing data. This option is available on Steam if you are using the Steam version of this game.
  4. Close or Disable any Antivirus, Afterburner, or any software that might interfere with this game.
  5. Make sure that this game is running using your more powerful graphic. Furthermore, confirm that your Graphic driver is updated to the latest version available.
  6. If all else fails, reinstall the game to resolve any installation issues.

Troubleshoot “War Thunder Stopped responding” error

War thunder stopped responding

There is one common error on all of the PC Games and Software which is “Stopped responding”.

It does happen when the game freezes during launching or force closing.

Sometimes (Albeit rarely) it does happen during gameplay.

When you see this dialogue that “War Thunder Stopped responding”, don’t click on wait just hit the close button.

Now press Windows + S on your computer and look for Task Manager.

There is a close War Thunder Client and any other process with a similar name.

Once you found these just right-click and choose “End task”.

Now you can launch the game again.

If everything works fine, Congrats you fixed the Crashing issue, if not there is something bigger issue going on there.

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Resolve “Unable to connect to the server issue” or “Internal server error”

War Thunder Unable to connect to server or Internal server error are the same kind of error, and most likely happen due to one of these reasons –

  • Internet Connectivity issues.
  • Server-related issues.
  • Firewall blocking War thunder.

To troubleshoot it first make sure that there is no issue with your Internet connection such as Slow speed, interruption, and weak connection.

Once you are sure that this issue is not linked to your network, check your Antivirus and Firewall settings and confirm that it is not flagging or blocking War Thunder game files.

To avoid this kind of issue you can also add the War Thunder game folders to the exception list so your antivirus like windows defender would not block it in the future.

Finally and one of the most common reasons – Server relates to glitches.

This game’s servers aren’t the best, and server-related issues are common.

When this happens all you can try to continue the gameplay (if you are able to) or reload the game.

Sometimes issues could persist for a long time, in that case, you have to wait or contact support.

Is the War Thunder server Down? how to Check server outages?

The major reason why you are not able to enjoy multiplayer on this game could be perhaps due to the server being down right now.

When there is a gaming server outage, players won’t be able to play the game and face strange error codes constantly.

If you are a player, you can’t fix any server-related issues, you have to wait till developers provide you with any update related to the issue.

Just in case you are unsure if the War Thunder server is down or not you can contact their support team to know if there is an ongoing outage going on right now.

To Submit a support ticket you can log in to your Gaijin account and head over to – https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en/requests/new to submit any new support request.

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Further FAQs

Why are War Thunder servers so bad?

War Thunder Servers aren’t bad. Server glitches are common in online multiplayer games. Usually, as more time goes new updates fix any issues and make the game more stable.

War Thunder Where can I check the war thunder server status online?

You can get the information related to any ongoing glitch/bug/technical issues from their Twitter page – @WarThunder. Alternatively, you can also contact support or ask other players on the official forum.

What is War Thunder’s Internal server error on Xbox and PC?

Internal server errors do happen when there is some kind of ongoing issue on the game server. Sometimes it can last only a few moments sometime it can be for many hours. Get in touch with support or its community if it lasts for many hours.

Why is war thunder not responding?

If it is stuck during gameplay it could be either due to – Network connectivity, Server glitches or not having enough system resources.

How do I Fix War Thunder not responding on Steam after I press the play button?

This kind of issue usually occurs due to system-related issues. First, check that your firewall isn’t blocking the game then check that you have enough RAM and other resources to run the game. Rebooting your system might help you fix the issue as well.

Are War Thunder servers down right now?

You can check their Twitter page for any updates related to the server or you can simply head over to -forum.warthunder.com to get any updates about server outages or ongoing issues.


War Thunder; a multiplayer combat game that is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Oculus happens to have glitches and issues sometime, especially server issues.

There are many issues players do face during their gameplay.

Issues such as the Game not launching, the Game being stuck, not responding, being unable to connect to the server, and Internal server errors are the common errors that players have when War Thunder not working for them.

In this guide, we have addressed each of these issues, and their reasons, and as a player you can tackle or troubleshoot these problems.

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