Cash App Payment stuck on Pending? – Reason and How to Fix

According to one recently reported issue, multiple customers have reported that their Cash App Payment is stuck on Pending on social media sites. if you are having the same issue you might be wondering the reason behind this sudden server glitch and how can you troubleshoot it.

This guide answers both questions about the reasons behind payment being stuck at the pending status and how you can fix this problem.

What is Payment Stuck on Pending issue on Cash App?

Fix Cash App Payment stuck on Pending

Is your Payment got stuck while transferring or receiving money online via your Cash app account?

Cash app provides you instant money transfer facility which is very useful to transfer funds across the internet to your friend or at the shop just by using your smartphone.

The peer-to-peer functionality is what makes this app special and useful for managing your personal finances.

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Whenever your friend or family member is in need of money you can transfer funds easily with the help of the cash mobile app.

However, there is an ongoing issue surfacing again which is troubling lots of cash app customers and that is their Cash app payment is stuck on pending for a much longer time.

This might simply not be an issue if this happens only one time and the payment status would be changed after a little bit of time.

But when this happens more and more frequently and almost all your transaction is showing as “Pending” this indicates a larger issue going on with Cash app servers.

Why my Cash app payment is Pending?

Under normal circumstances, this usually doesn’t happen a lot and most of the time your payment is easily processed when you initiate a transfer of funds.

But at the time of publishing this article, this issue isn’t happening due to normal circumstances but due to a glitch from the Cash app servers.

This error was first noticed just a year ago when a large number of users reported it in a brief period of time.

And again in 2023 February multiple users reported that their transactions (whether they are transferring or receiving end) getting stuck on pending status.

Furthermore, this is not the issue with only one single transaction.

Customers have also reported that they have many pending transactions on their accounts.

This happens transfer process is done by the customer end and money is deducted from their account.

This error isn’t like a transaction failure error where money is usually returned to the customer account within a few days if deducted.

How to Fix Cash App Payment stuck on Pending error?

Considering your Payment on the cash app is showing pending due to a server-related bug, there is not much troubleshooting left for the customer to resolve the Cash App Payment stuck on Pending by their end.

If you are having trouble transferring funds online via the Cash app, the first thing you should do is contact customer support.

Other than ongoing server outages this issue may also happen due to Transaction issues in between, other server outages

You can find all Cash app customer support service numbers and other contact information on our Cash app guide.

You can also check our other guide about how to get free money on the Cash app.

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