Yono SBI App: Review, Download, Account, Registration & KYC Update

Here in this, We are going to talk about the Yono SBI App, How to download Yono, How to Open a State bank of India account online, How to Update your KYC, and how to finish up registration on this app without internet banking or visit the bank.

Yono SBI App Review

Yono SBI App Review

State Bank of India is the largest Government-owned bank in India.

If you are SBI Customer or hoping to become an SBI Account holder then you should Download Yono SBI App.

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It is designed to provide you all varieties of financial and lifestyle products on a single platform and that is your smartphone.

Apart from this Online Banking App, the State bank of India already provided dozens of App, which is available on Android/iOS App stores.

For Example SBI Quick; A Missed Call Banking App, BHIM SBI Pay: UPI Application, MY HRMSL App for SBI employees, and so on.

However, Yono is the Main mobile Application, which not only provides you Money Transfers, Loans, Cheque Requests, ATM Card requests & blocks but also other services like investment, Insurance, Online shopping all in one single mobile application.

If you want almost all of the SBI Banking services on your phone, This is the application that you have to install.

How to Download Yono SBI App?

If you want to Yono SBI app download for your Android or iOS Smartphone then you have to first follow up the procedure that I am Going to explain here.

  • If you want to download the app for your Android phone – Head over to the Google Play store.
  • In case you are Apple users you can Download this Internet Banking App on your iOS Device – From iOS App Store.
  • The Desktop Application is not available for your Laptop, Desktop PC or MAC. However, if you prefer to use this Online Banking on your PC you can head over to the official portal – https://www.sbiyono.sbi/.

How to Open SBI Account Online

Previously it was not possible to Open SBI Bank Account online, However Corona Virus Pandemic changes many things.

With the help of Online KYC (Better known as eKYC), you are now able to Apply for a new State Bank of India Saving account online.

You can either use the Yono or Head over to the Official Web portal using your web browser.

Either way, the registration process is almost the same.

Here is the complete process that you have to follow-

  1. Open Yono SBI App on your phone and choose to select the option for Digital Saving Account Opening.
  2. There you will see two options-
    1. Apply Now: If you are a new customer, Choose this option.
    2. Resume: If you already apply for a banking account using this app you can resume where you left.
  3. Enter your mobile number, Email Address (Optional), and hit the submit button.
  4. Follow thru the eKYC.
  5. Submit all the required documents.

Once the process is complete and your Digital Saving account is approved.

How to Update KYC in SBI Yono App

KYC Registration is required from all of the customers who want to use the SBI Yono App.

The process must be completed while you open for the new account.

A customer who already has an account can visit the Bank to update their KYC document and information.

Apart from using this net banking app, you can Update your KYC documents by few other means like-

  • By Visiting SBI Online using your net banking credentials.
  • Updating your KYC by visiting the home branch and filling up the SBI KYC form.
  • Send the Document to the Bank by post.

If you already finished the eKYC for bank account opening and want to correct a few minor things in your KYC it’s better to visit the bank for that.

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YONO SBI Registration without Internet banking

Customer who already has the Saving account in SBI can also use this App, but they have to visit their home branch first.

If you have an account but don’t have internet banking activated you can’t really use this app.

and to activate internet banking you have to visit the bank branch.

Yup, it’s frustrating, you want to just want to use the Online banking app but you have to go thru all the processes just for getting a password and username to use an App.

However, you can apply for the SBI Internet banking feature online and once you have a Net Banking account you will be able to use Yono SBI App.

Here is How an exiting SBI Account holder can activate net banking online-

  1. First, you need to head over to OnlineSBI.Com’s home page and keep your passbook handy, because you’ll need it.
  2. Scroll Down till you see the New User Registration option.
  3. Once you click on that you will see a notification. Read that carefully and if you already have a Pre-Printed kit along with you don’t proceed, if you haven’t click ok.
  4. A new window will be open. There in the Drop-Down choose new user registration and hit next.
  5. On the user-driven registration page enter your Account Number, CIF Numer, Branch Code, Country (Offcourse India, in the majority of cases), Registered mobile number.
  6. In the Facility Required field choose Full Transaction right.
  7. Enter the Captcha to verify you are not the robot.
  8. Hit submit button.

That’s it, it takes only a few minutes and it’s better than waiting in the long line for hours, isn’t it?

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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