What’s going on with the Cash app? – Is it Shutting Down

Is Cash App not working for you? This raises the question: What’s going on with the Cash App, and is it really going to shut down soon?

We are all aware of the Cash mobile app, its peer-to-peer banking and money transfer application which provides a much faster way to receive and transfer money online compared to net banking.

You can immediately transfer funds to your friends, family, or the merchant (from whom you just bought something).

Other than online money transfer, it also offers you investing opportunities in many different asset classes.

But the problem is not the feature but with functionality, since this app has some malfunction, bugs, and server outages which really affect the user experience negatively.

This article is about these issues where we explore What’s going on with the cash app? and it is really shutting down.

What is Going on with Cash app right now?

Occasional and frequent issues in Sending and Receiving money, issues during direct deposit, and problems in adding cash are exactly what going on right now with the cash app.

These issues are frequent enough to frustrate the customers who are using it on a regular basis.

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At the time of writing this article, there had been an incident that lasted for whole 3 days from September 6 to September 8.

During that time lots of users faced issues while transferring money like not being able to transfer funds, funds in pending status for a very long time, and so on.

Here are a few other issues which have been reported so far in the past few months –

  • Connection issues: The app indicated that it can’t connect to the internet even when there is no internet-related issue going on.
  • Delayed Bitcoin withdrawals: It took a long to withdraw Bitcoin from your wallet.
  • Can’t add cash: Attempting to add cash is failing constantly and people are not able to add cash to their wallet.
  • Transfer money pending: Transfering funds takes too much time and shows in pending status for an extended period.
  • The issue with web receipts: Users are not able to view web receipts on their Android smartphones.

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Is the Cash app down right now? – Check Cash server status

In the last few months, cash app server outages have become so common occurrence most of its users face some bugs, glitches, or errors at one time or another.

The last part of why the Cash app not working for you might be related to some kind of ongoing server issues.

If the Cash app server is down or undergoing some scheduled maintenance, some or all of the features could be inaccessible to you.

Fortunately, if there is any server outage you can simply head over to – https://status.cash.app/ to check its status anytime.

Is the Cash app Shutting Down?

If are worrying about “Is the cash app shutting down”, you don’t have to.

Cash mobile apps have existed in the market for a long time and if everything goes smoothly it will exist in the future as well.

The rumor of the Cash app shutting down surfaced after the tragic death of its founder Bob Lee on April 4, 2023.

Since then there are much speculation on social media that the company is soon going to shut down all of its operations.

But it turns out to be just baseless speculation by some people and nothing more.

The cash app not working sometimes and randomly crashing also put fuel to this tale.

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Further FAQs

Is there an issue with the Cash app right now?

“Status.cash.app” is a web page that is specially designed to keep you informed about current and past issues with this app. If you see the message “Good to go” on top there is no issue with it right now.

Why is the Cash app failing constantly for me?

Bugs, Server issues, incompatibility, low storage, and Trouble connecting with the network are a few common reasons why it is failing to load constantly on your phone.

Why Cash app is taking so long today?

There are two factors that affect loading time – The server and your network. First, make sure there are no issues with your network, and then check the cash app server status.

Why Cash app not working on my Phone?

Sometimes cash apps do not work on some phones. Fortunately most of the time the issue is only temporary. You can fix it by force closing and reopening the app. If that doesn’t work you can try reinstalling the app.


So in this article, we have discovered that whispers of the “Cash app shutting down” started after a tragic accident with its founder Bob Lee.

Since then the occasional bugs, server issues, crashing, and issues while or after transferring funds fueled these issues.

But there is no base for this gossip, in fact, the company itself doesn’t confirm it.

As for What’s going on with the cash app is the – Cash app not working sometimes due to bugs which only happen occasionally.

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