Fake facebook profile : how to trace, reveal, Identify & Remove permanently

Undoubtedly Facebook is most popular site in this Age where we can Communicate with our close freinds and make new freinds online in the Virtual world easily. Creating a perfect Facebook account is first step that we have to initiate.Its very easy process and anyone can done this in a minutes . Thus it is Very simple that’s why Some Spammers creates the Auto-generated , Fake Facebook profiles . According to a Recent survey 20% – 25% Fb users are using more then 1 fb id at a time with Different names which is Violation of Facebook privacy policy.

But We all know it Exist and we can’t get over ride of it But Do you know it’s Very easy to Identify a Facebok account is Fake or real . Yes its possible But you should Know there is no Mobile app , Software , Or any Website is available that Automatically Reports the Facebook Profiles.

In this post You will Learn how to check Those Kind of accounts .

How To identify Fake Facebook Profiles

Fake facebook profile how to trace?

It’s Very Sad that The Social networking Giant can’t Reveal the Illegal accounts It shelf automatically this Whole process is manually where other users can submit the Report and they analyze and finally Flagged the Spam account.  If it Necessary they Completely block the particular user from Login.

It means We have to First take the action at our ends and then They will take Action . But the Question is How to Reveal the non- Genuine id’s on Social net at our own end.

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According to a Recent survey 20% – 25% Fb users are using more then 1 fb id at a time with Different names which is Violation of Facebook privacy policy.

But the Good news is its Possible and very Easy To find the The Fb Profile is authentic or not So You will never Fall in their trap and Helps to make the most Popular community More Safer to the all other users. Below You will read the 7 steps that Will help You just Follow this Proven Method Step by steps .

Analyze her/his Profile Pictures:

First Thing that You can Check is the Profile Pictures of particular users on which You have Doubt. Is she /He is using the Images of Flowers /Celebrity / Wallpaper / Cartoon on all of his Dp then You have to Suspect this Users . But we can’t say the Id is Genuine if they are using a Profile where you can see the Face Because most of spammers are download and upload other original users photos as own.

Check their Friends:

In the 90% cases Boys will Create the Facebook profiles on girls names But they Unable to add the Girls in their Friends list the Reason is most of Girls don’t want to accept the Friend request From unknown person. And on other hand Boys will easily accept freinds request f any girl before Examine. That’s the reason that Their list will be Contain most of Boys around thousand’s because they just want to increase the freinds and followers .

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Group Photos

Who Don’t like to Hanging with Friends upload that Photos to Facebook , the answer is the Person who are with not real name and Identity. That’s the Reason You will never Find the Group photos of any Non Genuine or Fake Facebook profiles.These Kinds of accounts is open for all where anyone can Check the pictures , make the Comments without being the Friend.

Incomplete Details in Profile

My fb id is 5 years old and anytime when i open it i update all Details about Myself like My Education , about me , Favorite Quotas , Relation Status { Which is Still Single 🙁  } Etc.

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But when Someone Create fake profile they are in hurry they just Update the Necessary thing which is Required according to Privacy policy. They didn’t take too much load to fill up the all lengthy & interesting content.

Interest & Liked Pages

Everyone has Different type of interest and our Original Facebook Profile  Most of the fake profiles have less than 20 pages, well almost.

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How Can I report fake accounts ??

Its Simple , Easy and Secure too once You identify a Facebook account is fake then you just have to follow the Steps that i just Mention below

On Desktop/Laptop

  1. Go to the Profile of the fake user profile .
  2. Click on 3 dots (…) Which you will Find under the Cover.
  3. Follow the all Instructions and Finally submit the Report.
  4. If the Facebook take any Action then you will notified via Notification/Message.

On mobile browser

  1. Go to the Profile of the fake user profile .
  2. Scroll Down to the Bottom until You will find the “Report” Link .
  3. Fill up the all Required Details and Finally Submit Your Report

Hope It Helps to Check Fake Facebook Accounts 🙂 , Do You have any other Technic Mention In Comment.

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