Fix DirecTV Stream Remote Not working? – Reset, Sync & Replace

Experiencing DirecTV Stream remote not working errors like a blinking blue light, unresponsive TV power, or malfunctioning volume buttons? Don’t fret if your remote isn’t feeling its best; it’s not uncommon with age. This article will guide you through troubleshooting steps to reset, resync, or even replace your remote, getting you back to smooth sailing.

So if you’re looking for solutions to your DirecTV Stream remote problems, this short and simple-to-follow troubleshooting guide by CnbDaily.

Fix DirecTV Stream remote not working issues

DirecTV Stream Remote Not Working

DirecTV stream is one of the most popular live-stream television services, especially if you are a sports fan.

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This offers all of your favorite Channels in one place which you can access and customize as per your choice and preferences.

It offers you four different streaming packages from which you can choose.

This on-demand live TV service is offered by AT&T and it was previously known as AT&T TV.

But if you are using this service you may already know all of that.

Here we are not going to discuss its features of it but what to do if The DirecTV Stream Remote not working.

DirecTV Stream Remote Blinking Blue

Blue light blinking isn’t exactly an error.

This happens when your remote is in pairing mode.

If you haven’t paired your remote with your TV system or for some reason it got unpaired you will see the blue light blinking.

Follow the steps to resync your remote when it happened.

Once you resync your remote it will be paired with your TV and the light will be stoped blinking.

DirecTV Stream remote volume not working? – How to reset

If the remote buttons aren’t working as they should be you could try resetting the remote-

  1. Press and hold both the Home and Exit keys at the same time till you see LEDs display red.
  2. Now press 981 on your remote control.
  3. Wait till the LEDs turn off and it will blink blue 3 times.

Now you can pair your remote again to your DirecTV Stream device.

If the remote still not working properly might be a physical defect.

You that’s the case you have either repaired or replace it.

How to resync DirecTV Remote

If the remote got disconnected or you are setting it up for the first time, here is how you sync your remote-

  1. First on your remote control press the Home button.
  2. Now navigate to Settings > System > System Settings.
  3. Choose remote and devices.
  4. Now you have to choose ‘Program your Remote’.
  5. Select your TV system if asked.
  6. Follow the prompt and complete the setup.

How to Use DirecTV without a remote control?

Luckily you can use DirecTV without any remote control by just using your Smartphone as a remote.

Only Subscriber with receiver models HR20 and above can use their phone as a remote control.

To do that you have to-

  1. First, download DirecTV App on your iOS or Android mobile phone.
  2. Just next to Settings in App choose remote control.
  3. Make sure both your Device and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Choose the receiver from the drop-down list.
  5. Sometime receiver might be grayed out. It could mean that it is either inactive or your device is not connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  6. Once you choose a receiver, Follow the prompts to complete the setup.

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How come DirecTV Remote won’t work?

The main reason behind the not working issue is caused by low batteries, longer Distance between the device and the remote, hardware defects, manufacturing defects, or some other reason.

Why is DirecTV Remote not working?

The most common reason behind the issue is Batteries. Just check your remote batteries, if they are alright it might be another reason.

Where and how to order a remote replacement for my Direct TV?

You can get your replacement remote from either Amazon or from the official website using this link –

How to fix the DirecTV Stream remote not turning off the TV?

You can try resetting and repairing your remote. If that doesn’t work it might be a physical defect in your DirecTV remote.

Issues such as blinking blue light, TV not turning off or volume buttons not working are normal. Don’t worry if you experience these issues.

Following the steps mentioned in this guide you can reset, and resync your remote to get it working again. When none of these steps work you can also replace your DirecTV remote control.

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