FDT View App Not Working? – Camera, PlayBack, & Record issues

FDT View app is the official app to Link and manages your FDT Camera from your Android or iOS-based smartphone. However, for some users FDT App not working as it supposed to be, And if you are among those few unfortunate users who are having trouble connecting, playback, previewing, recording or some sort of configuration issues, you are in the right place.

FDT View App not working

FDT View App not working

FDT is a company that offers you IP cameras and the FDT view app is their mobile application that you can use to manage those cameras.

However, even tho this app is designed specifically for this camera, users are having a hard time using the app.

The mobile application comes with its own set of problems. 

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For example, some users, are unable to record on phones or use playback functionality.

For a few others, this app automatically loses all the configuration the user has done, resetting to the default state when installed in their phone.

The negative rating on both main application stores – Google play store and iOS iTunes app store indicate some of these issues are not temporary but have existed for a long time.

While this app comes with a lot of bugs, glitches, and issues. Some of these issues can be fixed if not all of them.

And here in this guide, we are going to talk about exactly that.

Here we are going to focus on How to Fix FDT View app not working errors.

How to Fix FDT View App not working?

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take if the FDT View app not working for you-

Step 1 – See if there is no connection issue

The App requires a stable internet connection between your phone, FTP server, and Camera.

If there is an issue in between, it will not work accurately.

Step 2 – Try to reconnect the Camera Again

Sometimes reconnecting your camera to this app might fix some temporary bit issues that you are having.

So just reset your camera settings to default and re-install the app and connect your FDT cameras to this app again.

Step 3 – Reconfigure settings

Open the app and make sure that all settings are correct and are as you want them to be.

For example, the Video saving option is not enabled in the setting, due to that it might not playback video on your videos.

So make sure to reconfigure each and every one of the camera settings to your liking in the camera setting section of this app.

Step 4 – Contact the support

If after trying everything, the app is not working properly, then the only option that you have left is to contact customer support.

Contact app support via email at – support@fdt.us and explain the issue that you are having.

If possible also share the screenshot with them of the screen where you are getting errors.

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FDT App losing configuration

Some of the customers recently complained that sometimes the FDP app automatically loses the configuration that they have made.

While users are able to customize some aspects of this application, sometime due to an in-app bug or glitch it will return to default settings.

This problem seems to happen due to a bug in the app, and it’s unlikely that as an app user you will be able to fix this problem on your own.

Unless developers decide to address this issue in any upcoming updates, there is no sure way to solve this problem, other change the configuration again.

Preview, LiveView, or Playback not working

FDT view app not only acts as a mobile remote to make configurations on your Camera, but it is also for previewing the live view, snapping, and recording the clip.

Using the app you can also access the video clips recorded and save them on the SD card or the FTP Server.

Other than the features mentioned above you can also set to see snapshots at the regular interval via alarm link settings.

Just in case the Preview, Recording, LiveView, or PlayBack on FDT App not working, you can try following this troubleshooting guide –

Ensure that the Camera is connected

The most common problem behind accessing video is that camera might not work properly.

The first step is to ensure that camera is linked with the app properly and there is no issue in-between.

Ensure that recording is saving

Sometimes Camera recordings might not be saved in the SD card or FTP server for some reason.

Ensure that videos are captured by the camera and saved in the correct location.

Confirm all setting is correct

If the Alarm link is not working or you are unable to access the local files, It might be that perhaps it’s not enabled or configured in the settings of your app.

Reset the app and camera

If nothing works, you can try resetting the FDT app and starting the whole fresh setup.

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FDT View Cameras not working or Recording videos

The main reason obviously behind installing an IP camera is to capture footage.

And once you configured the camera successfully, it will start recording without any issues.

The camera that is working can be seen in the app, and the app will show the status Online just below the gear icon.

If the camera is not showing online, that means that there is some issue with the connection or the camera itself.

In any case, if the issue is not with the mobile app but with the Camera itself, you can consult its user manual.

Also, make sure that there is nothing that you have missed or overlooked while installing cameras.

If the problem still persists, you can contact FDT customer care regarding the app not functioning issue.

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