Fly Delta App not working? – Fix Boarding, Server & Support

The Fly Delta Airlines have a mobile application with the same name which allows passengers to book tickets and get in-flight services. But there are a few “Fly Delta app not working” issues which sometimes make this mobile application extremely frustrating to use. In this article, we discuss those errors and troubleshoot this problem step-by-step.

Fly Delta App not working on iPhone and Android

Fly Delta is the official android application of Delta Air Lines for passengers.

This app offers tons of different features which makes it a must-have application for those who travel too often, especially with Delta airlines.

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It makes planning your trip easier since you can shop and book your domestic or international flight tickets directly from your phone.

This application also has a live chat feature to help you in case you need any kind of assistance before or after your flight.

You can also use the Delta app as your digital boarding pass and receive notifications.

Here is the list of other features that this app offers you-

  • Reserve, view, change or upgrade your seat.
  • Access your Boarding pass on your phone. You can also access it offline.
  • Offers you real-time tracking alerts, flight status, notifications, and support.
  • It has Airport maps that help you to navigate through the airport.
  • and much, much more.

However, if you are using this application you already know all that.

Here we are not going to discuss the features of this app but what to do when the Fly Delta app not working.

How to Fix Fly Delta App not working?

If Fly Delta App is not working on your Android, or iOS phone here are a few what you can try to fix most of the issues-

Apply Common Troubleshooting

Force close the app, Clear all of its instances. Make sure the problem is not caused by lag or other external issues.

if there is any latest update, Update it to the latest version available.

Check Network, App Cache & Data

More often than not this kind of issue is caused by slow or no internet connection.

Check your internet speed.

You could also try clearing out the app cache and data.

Once you delete the app cache and data, reboot your phone and log in again.

Check for server outage

Sometimes the issue is not with your phone, or app but with the server of the Delta app.

If there is any server glitch, outage, or scheduled maintenance; the app might not work properly.

This kind of issue affects a large number of issues and the majority of the time doesn’t last more than a few hours.

Contact Delta Customer Support

If nothing works and you are still having trouble you can contact customer support.

This app itself has an option to connect to customer support.

Alternatively, you can also contact Fly Delta via Twitter

Is the Delta app not showing a boarding pass?

Delta app itself works as Digital boarding by login in you can check online directly from your phone.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t check your boarding pass in the app.

The Boarding pass will be available for you in the app when you successfully checked it.

If for some reason you can’t see it in the app follow the troubleshooting guide or contact customer support.

Contact Delta app Customer Support service

If you need help you can access the official support page.

Here is how to get an official toll-free number-

  1. Head over to the need help page –
  2. Scroll down till you see the ‘Additional Assistance’ heading.
  3. Once you expand it you will be able to see contact information, support time, and other information.

Other than that you can also contact them via live chat within the app, official Twitter handle, or via email.

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Further FAQs

Why Can’t I check in on the Delta app?

There might be an issue with the Server or your internet. Please do follow this troubleshooting guide to fix the fly Delta app not working error.

Why is my Delta app in offline mode?

Usually, it happens due to inactivity of the internet or slow connection. Check your internet connection and restart the app.

Does the Delta app work as a boarding pass?

If you are login into this app, this does automatically checked you in within 24 hours of your flight. You can also see your boarding pass in today mode.

Why is the Delta app not updating my data?

Sometimes it might take a little while to update some type of data into the database. If it is taking too long you can also contact customer support.

Is Delta having website issues today?

It could be or could not. In either case, you can connect to delta on the official Twitter page – @Delta and ask if there is any server outage going on.


While the Fly Delta app sometimes doesn’t work due to its in-app bugs, server glitches, or connectivity-related issues, usually its not a very major issue.

You can easily troubleshoot most of the errors related to this app by force closing or restarting the app.

But sometimes none of the troubleshooting steps are enough, in that case, you have to contact customer support for any further information.

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