Fordpass app not working? – Map, Remote Start, Reset, & Connect

Is FordPass App not working on Android, iPhone, or Apple Watch, and do you want to know why it isn’t working today. In this post we will discuss How you get this application to work without freezing, Crashing, Server error, or Connection error.

We will also provide some troubleshooting steps to resolve errors like app not updating, Vehicle details are not loading, Map not working, or remote start not working.

Fordpass App not working Errors in 2024

FordPass app is launched by Ford Motor corporation, one of the most well-known car companies in the world.

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This is your car companion app that you can not get details and the status of your ride but also control it remotely, with your phone.

Using the features as Connect you can sync your vehicle information with your phone.

Using the connect, Ford owners have access to vehicle health alerts, fuel status, Nearby charging stations, Charge level, and more at their fingertips.

With the help of remote control features you can Move: Start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts in your car.

Customer support number and chat features are available in the passed app to get you immediate assistance.

This application is a must-have for Ford owners.

However, for some reason, if the fordpass connect app not working for you, here you will find out how to fix it.

Fordpass App not working on Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Is the Fordpass app not working on your Android or iOS iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch?

If yes, here is the troubleshooting guide for you that will help you not only identify, but also sort out issues.

Follow this process-

  1. First Check that Ford Connect is connected to your device. It needs Android 7.0 or up for Android phones and iOS 13.0 or later for iPhones, iPod touch & Apple watch.
  2. Make sure that you provide all of the required permission for this app. It requires Mobile device location along with other permission.
  3. If the problem is remote features. You have to know that this feature is not available for all Ford vehicles. Check on the official website if your car is compatible.
  4. Your vehicle also must be equipped with fordpass connect (which is optional for some vehicles).
  5. If the problem arises after the last update you can try resetting this app.

If this guide does not work for you can try to solve the problem as per the error codes on your screen.

You can also contact customer support using the app itself, contact number, or

Ford Pass app not updating

Unable to update problems, respond, and crash most of the time is caused by an unsupported or unauthorized app.

Here are a few common reasons behind this kind of issue-

  • You may have downloaded the app from other source than official app stores aka Google Play store and iTunes App store.
  • The App may be not compatible with you device.

The simplest solution for this kind of problem is to uninstall the app first and reinstall it from the app store.

However, if the app is not compatible with your phone, this may not work for you.

Vehicle details not working

Once you equipped your vehicle you will be able to see your vehicle details.

To see the vehicle details just tap on the Vehicle details button on the main page or the car icon on the bottom navigation panel.

The Vehicle details overview would only work if you already equipped your vehicle with the app.

Map not working

The map feature inside this app allows users to easily discover Gas stations, restaurants, roadside assistance and more directly from your mobile phone.

If the Map is not working or showing properly on your device, here is what you can do:

  • Check that you have provided location or GPS permission.
  • Check your data connection, Make sure that you are not having any network issues.
  • Update your Google Map/Apple Map since it uses Map API.

Remote start not working

Using the app you can start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts in your car.

However, for some users, the remote start functionality seems not to work.

This is a common issue that is faced by lots of users.

But it can be fixed, here is a trick that you can try.

  1. First, get in your vehicle.
  2. Lock doors using the app.
  3. Now try remote start.

Connect app not working

Ford Connect and a few other similar features require you to activate connect on both your Phone and Vehicle.

Remember, this feature is not available on all vehicles but only on a few.

Using a Cellular network may limit some functionality.

If you haven’t already you can follow this guide to connect this app to your car.

Reset ford pass on your Android and iPhone

In case you are wondering How Do I Reset My FordPass Password?

here is the process you can follow-

  1. First, open the Fordpass app on your Android or iOS Smartphone.
  2. Look at Forgot Icon and tap on it. You’ll also need to enter your Username or email.
  3. Hit the submit button.
  4. Check the email and follow up the reset instructions that you received in the mail.
  5. On the Reset password screen choose your new password and hit submit.

That’s all you need to do in case you forgot your password and need to reset your account.

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FordPass App not working on Apple Watch

Is the Fordpass app not working on Apple Watch?

This app supports the Apple watch but to use it properly please make sure that-

  • That you have the FordPass App installed on your iPhone.
  • The vehicle which you trying to control/monitor must be added to the app.
  • Your iPhone which has an app must be connected to your Apple watch via Bluetooth.

Once it satisfies all the conditions mentioned above and hit the refresh button on your apple watch.

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