Galaxy Wearable App Not Working? – Quick Fixes and Reasons

Since the beginning of the year 2024, many users are reporting issues with one of Samsung’s key apps, the Galaxy Wearable.

Considering this application is crucial for managing and connecting Samsung’s range of wearable devices, any disruption to the app’s functionality is sure to cause inconvenience for customers.

If you are facing trouble with your Galaxy Wearable app, you’re not alone. This CnbDaily article is a simple rundown of the issue and some potential solutions that you can try.

This post dives deep into the specific element that is causing Galaxy Wear not working and provides comprehensive troubleshooting steps to help you not only identify but also resolve the problems.

Quick Highlights of the issue

Fix Galaxy Wearable App Not Working
  • Many Samsung and Google Pixel users have reported that their Galaxy Wearable app not working properly since the start of the year 2024.
  • The problem is affecting a large number of users and seems like the disruption is somehow linked to the start of the new year.
  • While for some it’s simply not working, for many their Galaxy Wear app is crashing continuously.
  • Some of the Samsung customers have reported that clearing the app cache or data and changing the date in their device to 31st December 2023 fixed the issue.
  • Any solution offered, for now, can be viewed as a temporary workaround until this glitch is fixed officially by developers.

Why Galaxy Wearable App Not Working?

Reports suggested that the Galaxy Wearable app has been experiencing crashes and failing to launch since the start of the year.

Many of the Galaxy Wearable customers also reported the same.

With the wear app, everything was working fine before 1st, January 2024.

It is also noted by many that this issue seems to affect Galaxy Watch support for both Google Pixel and Samsung owners.

This problem is preventing users from properly utilizing their Samsung wearables, such as Galaxy watches and buds.

Some Samsung customers have also reported that this app is continuously crashing whenever they try to open it.

How to Fix Galaxy Wearable App not Working Error

At least for now, a permanent solution for this problem remains elusive; but, several users have attempted various workarounds that appear to temporarily resolve the error.

These users also have shared their findings on social media platforms like Reddit since this issue came to light.

Here are few of these workarounds, which might offer temporary solace to Galaxy Wearable not working issue –

Changing the date to 31/12/2023 to Bypass glitch

The most effective way to bypass the bug is simply to change the date and set any date of Year 2023.

While this does sound ludicrous, many of the users had fixed the app and once they applied this workaround they can open the app without any further issues.

To apply this fix, first head over to date and time settings look for “Automatic Date and time” settings, and turn it off.

Now you can change the year to 2023 and set any date or month on your phone.

Once that is done, Open the wearable app and review that everything is working as it should be.

If the Galaxy Wear app starts working without any glitch, simply reboot your phone. Now you can turn on the Automatic date and time so the right time will be set on your device.

Resetting the Connection to Wear devices

This solution is only to fix connection-related issues.

When the app itself is working fine but you are having issues connecting the wearables to your phone, you can forgo the connection and start the pairing process again.

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Clear Galaxy Wear app cache and data

Changing the date and time is only one possible solution, another potential solution is to clear the cache for the Galaxy Wearable app and the Watch manager via your phone’s settings.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to clear the data for both apps instead.

You’ll have to set and connect your Galaxy Wear again after clearing the app cache and data.


The Galaxy Wearable app plays a vital role in the ecosystem of Samsung’s wearable devices.

This app is used by customers who have any of Samsung’s Wearable devices like a Bud or watch.

When it stops working, it can be quite a setback for the user and provides you with a simple but effective solution when you are not even able to open the Wear app.

Till the time Samsung does present a permanent solution, these mentioned troubleshooting steps are worth trying.

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