How to Get out of Group Text on Android? – Remove, Leave & Mute

Not being able to Leave Group texts is one of the most annoying things for those who don’t want to be included in that group chat.

If you added to a group chat on the stock Android SMS app without your consent, you may not want to participate in that conversation.

and on top of that, there is no way that you can block SMS coming in.

But there is something you can try if you want to Get out of Group texts on an Android phone.

How to Remove Yourself from Group texts?

Leave or Get out of Group Text on Android

With the rise of Online messaging applications like WhatsApp, Android phones also come with a feature called group text.

If you are using other messaging apps for a long time, you might already be aware of these features.

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While this feature is not very new, it is annoying for some.

Especially for those who are added to group text and don’t want to participate in it.

Removing yourself from group text seemed hard at first since, but it’s possible, maybe not completely.

But by Following the steps mentioned in this guide you can achieve at least a piece of mind, that your phone won’t buzz every time someone leaves a text in a group.

How Do you Get out of group text on Android Phone?

As of writing this article, there is no official way you can get yourself out of group text on your Android phone.

At least that’s the way with stock Android SMS applications.

You can of course ask the text group creator to remove yourself from that text message.

But that will only work if the creator decided to delete the group completely and start a new group without adding you to it.

So Basically there is no way you can remove yourself from the Android group text conversation.

But there is a way you can ease the annoyance.

You will still receive the message each time someone adds something to the conversation but you will not receive alerts for it as you receive for each text message.

For this, you can mute group text.

How to mute group text on an Android phone

Here is How you can Mute Group text on an Android phone –

  1. On your messaging app on Android and enter the group text conversation.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your phone’s screen.
  3. You will see the Bell icon. You have to tap on that bell icon to mute the conversation.

Once you see the icon as blocked alert you can confirm that alerts are blocked and text for that particular conversation is muted.

Remember that conversation is muted only.

You will see no alerts for that conversation but messages will be still delivered to your phone.

How to Leave a Group text on iPhone with Android users?

Both Android and iPhone have this feature.

If you are using an iPhone instead of an Android phone, removing yourself from the group is a relatively easy process.

You just need to use the Leave conversation option there.

Leave Group texts on iMessage on iOS

Here is How you can Leave a Group text on your iPhone –

  1. First, open your iMessage app on your iOS device.
  2. Go to the group message that you want to leave.
  3. There tap on the Info button.
  4. There once you tap on the info button you will see the option for – “hide alerts” and “Leave this conversation”.
  5. In our case, we no longer want to participate in conversation so we will choose to hit the “Leave this conversation” option.

Alternatively, if you want to get messages but don’t want an alert every time someone texts you can choose to hide alerts.

Why Can’t I leave a Group Text on an Android phone?

Group text on the stock Android SMS app works just like any other SMS conversation.

It’s just that it’s with more people.

Generally, when we don’t want to receive a message from a person we block that number.

And once it is blocked you will no longer see messages or calls from that person.

As for text, there are multiple participants.

Unless you are willing to put all those numbers on your Blacklist, there is no way you can remove yourself from the group text permanently.

At least this is for the stock Android messaging application.

So, that is the reason, there is no such option you can block the whole conversation.

You can mute message sure, but if that doesn’t cut out for you, there is many alternative SMS application available on the Google play store which might be a better alternative for you.

How to Remove someone from group text on an Android phone?

You can’t remove yourself from the group conversation, we already explored that possibility.

But what about you want to remove someone else from that particular group chat?

For example, you are the creator of a text group on an Android phone.

You created a group and added a few members or conversations. But one of these members does not want to participate in a group conversation and asks you to remove them from that group.

Unfortunately, this is also not possible.

This might sound frustrating, but yes you can add people to the conversation but you can’t remove them.

But if you are a creator, you have to option to remove that group chat.

So following this logic, what you can do is – You can delete the chat group, and start a group text without a person who doesn’t want to join you.

Is there any way to Block Group text on Android?

Yes, it’s possible.

But for that purpose, you must use another third-party SMS application instead of the default SMS app that is provided on your Android phone.

There are some third-party text messaging application Textra SMS or Truecaller that allows you to block messages sent in a group.

You can block these group texts easily.

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This option is also available with some Android phone brands which come with their own version of the SMS application.

So you just have to look for this option on your phone.

Other FAQs

Why am I added to the group text I can’t Leave?

Considering group texts are basically just SMS, and you are not using an Instant messaging app; it’s not possible to leave group texts.

How do you leave a conversation when it’s grayed out?

The option for leaving a group on iMessage is grayed out whereas chat is only with 3 people. The option for leaving this kind of group is grayed out. There is no possible option for you to leave this kinda group. However, you can hide alerts to not receive any new SMS/MMS or texts.

How do I delete myself from a group text?

There is an option available to Leave a conversation for the iMessage app on iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no such option on Android, however, you can hide text alerts on stock android messaging applications.

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